What Does IMPACT Sound Like?

impact sounds like you made a difference

Do you hear the sound of IMPACT when a client says “You made a difference”?

You probably say thanks, and then move on. Compliments make you self-conscious, perhaps a bit uncomfortable.

It’s your job to do great work for your clients. Of course, you would implement at the highest level.

But wait, there’s so much more!

But wait! What if there is deeper meaning to the simple compliment or expression of appreciation?

What if these sentiments are the embodiment of IMPACT?

IMPACT- you know, the life-changing value your firm delivers to its clients.

Knowledge services firms across industries ask me, a few times per week, “Susan, how do I know the IMPACT we deliver?” Is it numbers? Does it have to be quantified? Do qualitative compliments like “you made it so easy” count?

IMPACT is all those and many, many more. The best thing is that your clients will describe IMPACT for you.

When they express appreciation or tell you how your work has helped, they are describing the IMPACT you’ve delivered to them.

Do not brush these off and quickly move on.

Take the time to absorb them. And ask for more details.

How to Ask for More Details

Simply say, “We’re glad we could help. Tell me more.” And then stop talking!

Let them go on. Nod your head or make appreciative sounds if you’re on the phone. Write down every word you can capture as they are speaking. If you can’t listen and write at the same time, have a colleague with you who can take the notes. Verbatim is the very best.

This works because humans love to talk about themselves. They will tell you how they are better off than they were, what they could do next, what new goals they have, how other people reacted to the visible signs of your work, and so on. They’ll compare their situation before you and after you.

Every word is IMPACT. You cannot write it better than they can say it!

And for heaven’s sake don’t let a copy writer polish these comments. They are gold just as they are said.

Everyone else seeing them in print or hearing you say them will know they are for real, from the heart, and true to life.

IMPACT Reflects the Value You Deliver

You may have noticed that I’ve introduced a new title for my weekly newsletter.

IMPACT Based Pricing

It seemed time to explicitly focus on pricing that reflects the IMPACT your firm delivers rather than asking you to crack the pricing code.

We continue to serve as pricing strategists to knowledge services firms, such as subject matter experts, creatives, and professional services, across myriad industries. We have cracked the pricing code and will help your firm implement IMPACT Based Pricing.

The first step to implementing IMPACT based Pricing is to capture the compliments and comments from your happy clients and customers.

Get Firsthand IMAPCT from Us

Also schedule a STARTER Call with me to get started understanding how your firm can phase in IMPACT based Pricing.

STARTER Calls are free, last for 45 minutes, and are focused on giving you answers to your immediate questions. The call will give you 2-3 action steps that will get you started.

If you’re thinking it’s finally time to start getting paid for the IMPAC T you deliver, then it’s also time for you to schedule a STARTER call. I look forward to talking to you soon.

Schedule your call here or text STARTER to 703-801-0345.

Your works makes an IMPACT. Isn’t it time to get fees proportional to that IMPACT?

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