Why You Should Escape Hourly Billing Prison

Is this click bait? Overkill? Mountain out of molehill?

I don’t think so.

If prison means you have no control over anything in your life, hourly billing meets that definition.

When I launched in 1999, everyone did hourly billing.

The years passed and hourly billing became more fraught.

Clients cancelled meetings and I lost that revenue.

Clients demanded 14 hour days because “we’re paying you by the hour.”

Prospects price shopped relentlessly.

Payments terms were excruciating: 30-60 days. Often, I worked weeks before invoicing.
It could be 8 weeks or more before I got paid.

But…my bills didn’t wait for me to get paid.

The juggling and the stress were awful.

By 2010 I could stand it no longer.

I had to break out of the hourly billing prison.

I’m Susan Trivers, internationally known pricing expert. I have seen thousands of firms struggle with these same burdens of hourly billing. I’ve helped them adopt alternative pricing models, especially my own IMPACT Based Pricing.

In this e-book, I dive into the 7 major reasons why you and your firm should escape hourly billing prison.

Instead, make sure your company gets paid for the life changing differences (IMPACTs) you deliver with fees proportional to the significance of those differences.

Also included are my top three tactics to escape from hourly billing and the 5 IMPACTs that make IMPACT Based Pricing beloved by both companies and their clients.

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