Think Tank for CEOs and Owners

Is what you’re not thinking about going to hurt you?

Is your reasoning limited by your closeness to the topic or person?

Are you doing everything you can to deliver life changing differences to your clients?

“I never would have thought of those ideas, points, tips, and suggestions, Susan.” That’s what CEOs and Owners tell me after a Think Tank with me.

They recognized that being so close to their companies is like wearing the blinkers jockeys put on their racehorses to focus their attention forward.

You can’t react to what you don’t see.

But often you have a hunch there’s more out there that you could use to your benefit if only you could see it.

A Think Tank removes the blinkers.

You bring one or two specific questions or needs, and we go deep.

  • Do your clients secretly think they’re doing enough?
  • Do they know that if you do X, they get Y?
  • Are they resistant to you because they’re already working with an outside expert?
  • Are you paying too much attention to the competition?
  • Have you gotten sucked into a debate about pricing models with clients only because they know and like the status quo?
  • Do you have clarity about what your firm’s growth should be?

Email me to see if a Think Tank is right for you, for now, and for what’s on your mind.

The fine print: Think Tanks are 90 minutes, $425 payable in advance to reserve your date, may be rescheduled one time, and non-refundable.

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