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Do you ask your clients what they’re tired of, frustrated by, or what overwhelms them? 

And then offer to change their lives?

Do you think, “hourly billing is familiar, but it’s also detrimental to our client relationships and our firm’s bottom line.

And yet, I’m not sure how to replace it?”

Do you worry about making pricing mistakes that reduce firm profits?

IMPACT Based Pricing, our weekly newsletter, talks about pricing for professional and business services firms:

  • Pricing mistakes
  • Delivering life changing differences
  • Ensuring profits

It answers your questions so you can be correctly compensated for changing people’s lives.

One CPA learned the language of IMPACT Based Pricing, spent time finding out what barriers his clients would like to overcome, and phased in IMPACT Based Pricing. His firm’s revenue is soaring.

A conflict resolution expert replaced hourly billing with IMPACT Based Pricing. The result? Her firm’s revenue increased 70%. The clients and the problems they ask her address are bigger and more complex and the fees reflect that  her interventions deliver high IMPACT differences.

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Seeing time based billing in a new light begins with you. You read, you think, you lead the change.

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IMPACT Based Pricing

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