How you can charge more…

Change what you see and what you see will change.

Do you see inputs: time and tasks?

Do you see outputs: deliverables?


Do you see IMPACTs: the life changing differences you deliver to your clients?

When you see IMPACTs your whole world expands.

You see how you help your clients enjoy

  • freedom from worry
  • turning their attention to growth not subsistence
  • more resources for expansion or new endeavors
  • tending to family, friends, community

And you see how your fees can be proportional to these IMPACTs

Trivers Consulting Group built tools that help professional and business services firms see IMPACTs not inputs.

The Complete Guide to IBP includes:

  • Find Great Fit Clients with 6 Questions
  • The Issue Chart
  • The Continuum of IMPACT
  • The Choice Framework

You can access the Complete Guide to IBP here

Then what?

Start using them right away for a DIY experience

Purchase the 60 Minute Pricing Makeover Mini Course to dive into the IMPACTs your firm delivers (even though you haven’t called them that before.) 

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Talk with me about accessing our Partnership model.

We practice the Partnership model of IMPACT delivery. We work with you to implement the IMPACT offer of your choice. You have unlimited access to us by email, phone, and text during normal business hours. You agree to provide the information needed to achieve the IMPACTs. We agree to confidentiality. Jointly we set up a schedule that ensures we keep moving towards the IMPACTs.

You can expect to invest from the mid five figures for IMPACT PLUS to the low four figures for IMPACT Light.

Most of our clients choose IMPACT (a critical path issue and 6,7,8 on the Continuum of IMPACT scale).

IMPACT Based Pricing

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