Increase your IMPACT… and your sales With the

60 Minute Makeover

IMPACT Based Pricing mini-course

Thinking about pricing?
Want to make clients happier?
And…also make more money?

Owners and Founders of knowledge firms completed the 60 Minute Pricing Makeover mini course and enjoyed stellar results:

Fees increased. Time away from work doubled.
Pivots happened (some by necessity, some by choice).
Business- and personal-breakthroughs abounded.

The 60 Minute Makeover
IMPACT Based Pricing mini-course

Is Your next step if you want to get paid—and paid well—for the DIFFERENCE you make to your clients

What if you could help clients…

  • Get exactly what they need right now? (Using the Issue Chart)
  • Change their lives in ways small and large? (Using the Continuum)
  • Know they’re getting their money’s worth? (By offering IMPACT Based Pricing)

All with powerful tweaks that will take you just one hour to start.

Here’s the mini course that’ll get you thinking like an innovative leader in your field (not a copycat commodity like everyone else)

  • Soak up the visuals that lead clients to tell you what they want
  • Use the Value Proposition templates to connect to client wants, needs, and desires

What Knowledge Services Firm Owners and Partners are saying:

The visuals are awesome. It’s hard to remove yourself and be objective when you’re planning  your own pricing. The visuals are so helpful for that.” Website designer

“I needed to get a lot more—well, COMPLETELY—client-focused in our pricing. The before and after helped me see the difference between company focused and client focused value propositions.” Partner, Business Law Firm

“The conversation guide helped me get a lot of confidence. The examples really drive home the meaning of IMPACT.” Founder, CPA Firm

“I stopped trying to scare people about safety issues! Instead I started asking them how they’d feel if safety was better than ever. They really opened up about family, fun, and hopes for the future. Thanks, Susan, for the Issue chart and Continuum.” Founder, Safety Consultancy

“I am thrilled with the higher fees we’re getting for our beautiful videos. You changed my mind about time and materials and every prospect we’ve talked to since has signed a contract with us.” Owner and Creative Director, Videography company

In this easy-to-digest course…

  • You’ll see crucial language changes that make a powerful difference.
  • You’ll swap out a time-based practice here, delete an outdated belief
  • You’ll drop the old ways like a hot potato, build excitement with the new approach.

The following changes were made in just one hour.

“When we practiced Susan’s recommended client conversation, we realized how much we had been lecturing clients about what we thought they needed. Now we invite (Susan’s word) to tell us how they see the status of their issue, and where the IMPACT of resolving that issue would fall on the Continuum. Then we deliver that IMPACT. We have increased our revenue compared to any hourly fee we would have charged.”

“The CPA stuck in tax return hell who revised their value proposition and enrolled 65% of clients for Advisory Services.”

“The Structural engineer who reminded building owners about the life they’d enjoy once their building was completed safely and elegantly.”

“We ripped out all the pain and suffering language and replaced it will life changing IMPACT words and images. The response from HR Directors was immediately positive.”

You’ll get directions and exercises to quickly apply IMPACT Based pricing to your own company.

To instantly

  1. Inspire your IMPACT based value proposition
  2. Practice the IMPACT based client conversation
  3. Visualize IMPACT Based Pricing working for your firm

Client comments:

“A mentor once told me that every cash flow problem is a pricing problem. I put off understanding this until I was receivables rich and cash poor. I worked with Susan to adopt IMPACT Based Pricing quickly and now I’m enjoying cash on hand every day.”

“So many examples! That’s what makes this course so valuable. I learn from all of them because no matter the industry, we all want the same thing—to deliver IMPACT to our clients.”

“You’ve probably heard  this before, but I have to say it too: Your 60 minute IMPACT Based Pricing makeover course changed the game for me. I think about IMPACT all the time. Because I think about IMPACT all the time, I’m comfortable talking about it a lot. People get curious and then they want it too.”

IMPACT Based Pricing

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