Don’t tell yourself you can’t concentrate

Never underestimate your powers of concentration.

Want to eavesdrop on a convo with Dave?

Dave: “Susan, we’ve been using hourly billing for years and years. I just don’t see how I can switch to IMPACT Based pricing and still keep the business running.”

Susan: “Dave, think about changes you’ve made the past couple years. You know, like sending everyone home, figuring out work from home and how to unmute zoom—and now figuring out some kind of hybrid approach.”

Dave: “Oh, yeah, I did those things. You mean incorporating impact based pricing into our work is like that? Keep the business going while learning how to get rid of hourly billing?”

Susan: “Yep. Just like that. You concentrated on the business even as you practically turned the company upside down. Changing your pricing model is much easier than all of that!”

Dave: “Got it. Let’s get started.”

You can be like Dave.

You also have the power to keep your company running—and making clients happy and bringing in revenue—while you learn how to adopt IMPACT Based Pricing.

It’s not one or the other.

The sauce

Dave, and many others, asked me “What’s the secret sauce?”

It’s not a secret sauce. It’s a sauce that’s right out in the open.

It is a sauce that comes from the power of concentration.

This sauce makes every client rave with delight. It makes your bookkeeper, your accountant, and your bank really happy.

This sauce helps you love your company more than ever.

What’s the sauce: it is the connection between the life changing differences you deliver to your clients and the fees they pay.

You know how a sauce recipe tells you to saute the onion in oil until it’s soft, then to add the garlic and simmer on low for a few more minutes? Then you add the herbs and spices and keep the pot on simmer until the flavors meld into one delicious bouquet of aroma and flavor?

That’s how adopting impact based pricing works.

You add ingredients one by one.

The first ingredient is your own commitment. You may talk it over with me with me, hear some success stories from others, do a little reading.

That’s the onion and garlic softening in the oil.

Then you study your recent work and make a list of the impacts–the life changing differences—you delivered to client.

That’s the various herbs and spices.

Then you practice having conversations with clients that invite them to tell you what they’re looking for–hoping for—and how important that it is to them.

You mix these all together into your offer or proposal.

And—tah da!—you have your impact based pricing sauce.

Ready to use again and again.

And you made this sauce in a few hours over a few weeks, all while keep your business running. You kept the sauce simmering while doing your regular work.

One thing you notice right away is how delicious the sauce makes everything taste.

Delicious as in clients’ willingness to pay fees that are connected to the dish they’re buying.

A simple dish has one fee, a complex dish or dinner has a different–much higher—fee. And they understand it and agree.

Be like Dave…

Schedule a Think Tank with me to get ALL your questions answered. It’s your 90 minutes. What do you want to know, need to know, and fear about IMPACT Based Pricing? $425 delivers life changing answers. Hit Reply to request a date and time.

You can go right into a working partnership with me that will cover all of the above in 30 days:

1) understanding IMPACT Based Pricing;

2) documenting the IMPACT you deliver to your clients (this step feels so great!);

3) how to have the conversation inviting them to tell you problems they’re facing and the relative value  to them of your solutions.

Text IMPACT to 703-801-0345 to get our partnership going.

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