Put love into Labor Day

What comes to mind when you hear “Labor Day”?

I often think “oooh, a day off, long weekend, back to school, end of summer, long walk with my dogs in our favorite park.”

Probably not so much about actual labor, the labor that the day honors.

I was surprised to learn that labor Day became a federal holiday way back in 1894.

Why Labor Day?

Our country was in full thrall to the industrial advances of the late 19th century, but while we loved the output of those advances, we took the laborers for granted.

They organized to get our attention and create better lives for themselves.

Is this relevant today?

Think about the recent trend of “quiet quitting”—the idea that high achieving employees are taking a step back, looking at their heavy work loads, and thinking “hmmm, this is too much. I can’t go on like this.”

Think about the resistance to ‘return to office.’ The vast majority aren’t complaining about working in the office. They’re unhappy with commutes, clock watching, and difficulties managing childcare, transporation, and time for health and leisure.

Back in the industrial days that prompted the adoption of labor day, assembly lines were king; piece work paid pennies. Output was connected to time.

While so many of us work in clean, safe surroundings, you know what still harms us?

Hourly billing!

We have deep knowledge and expertise that enables us to deliver life changing differences to our clients—but what do we get paid for?

Our time!!!

If you really want to honor the reason for labor day, decide right now that your firm will consign hourly billing to the dust bin.

Instead, you’ll adopt value based or IMPACT based pricing.

You’ll connect the differences your employees and associates make in clients lives with the fees they pay.

  • Employees will earn rewards for delivering outstanding life changing diffrences. Not for hours worked.
  • For clients who come back again and again. Not for hours worked.
  • For new clients who come in at the highest level seeking the same amazing life changes as their friends and colleauges got from you. Not for hours worked.

That’ll show you are putting the love into labor day.

Are you with me? Want to be with me?

Email, or text LOVE to 703-801-0345.

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