Think Tank-Thinking Deeply about IMPACT Based Pricing

25 Pricing Tips
Are You Getting Paid for Your Worth or Your Time?

“Many hours, a ton of IMPACT, not enough money!””Competitors are forcing us to lower our  hourly rates!”

“I don’t know how to talk to clients about IMPACT Based Pricing. Help!”

“Tracking time in 6-minute increments is taking too much time and our associates hate it!”

Is there a way to resolve all thes issues?

Yes there is.

It’s called IMPACT Based Pricing.

Everyone of the Owners/CEOs/Founders who uttered those complaints booked a Think Tank with me to start putting them in the rear view mirror.

You can use your Think Tank for these reasons or any other issue that’s preventing your from being the firm you want it to be.

Think Tank details:

✔️90 minutes

✔️You set the agenda/ask the questions

✔️I use my deep knowledge and expertise to give you all the advice and recommendations you need to make progress.

✔️We conclude with a plan of action. Nothing happens until you make it happen!

✔️Payment of $425.00 is due upon booking. An invoice with online payment options will be sent immediately for your convenience.

Call or text 703-801-0345 to schedule your Think Tank and continue making progress to become the company you want to be.