Limiting beliefs reduce revenue and profit

“No, I’m not paying you $500 more for that work. If you don’t like it, you can leave.

You know you can’t do this without me, Susan. I’ve taught you everything you know. Don’t think you can go out on your own.”

It was 2003. I’d started my consulting firm in 1999, and sometimes I did work as a subcontractor to another solopreneur.

Contrary to what he said, he had not taught me the work.

He had chosen to sub-contract work to me because I knew how to do it and do it well.

What he really hated was that clients were asking for me again and again.

But, to tell you the truth, when he told me I couldn’t do it without him, I started to question myself.

Yes, I had both the professional skills and the ability to make a difference to clients, but did I have what it takes to be completely on my own?

I think back to this when I hear business Owners and CEOs doubt they can “do it”—whatever their “it” is.

What’s a limiting belief?

It’s a state of mind or belief about yourself that restricts you in some way.

Maybe you recognize yourself in these statements? (Said by my clients.)

  • Attorney: “No one will believe that resolving their matter is worth that much.”
  • Accountant: “I’m not so good at using the numbers to make better business decisions.”
  • Web designer: “I can’t say no to excessive change requests.”
  • Compliance Consultant: “We can’t compete against lawyers by charging the same.”
  • Training Company: “Our training doesn’t really affect the whole organization.”
  • Safety consultant: “No one in senior management listens to us.”
  • Conflict Resolution Consultant: “If two people in conflict aren’t will to mediate, there’s nothing else we can do.”
  • Fractional CFO: “ We don’t want to overcharge or undercharge.”
  • Business coach: “It’s impossible to define the scope of an engagement.”

Built into these self limiting beliefs is an artificial restriction on their business.

When these Owners/CEOs reversed or eliminated these beliefs, their firms attracted great fit clients.

Great fit clients are willing—even eager—to pay for the life changing differences the provider delivers.

Reversing limiting beliefs can be learned fairly quickly if you are committed to it, and you get help from someone who will support your process of adopting alternatives.

What a difference a few years make!

What did I do back in 2003 after this declaration that I’d fail miserably without my “savior”?

I wallowed in self doubt for a few months.

Then I started to really hear the thanks and appreciation of the clients I worked with.

Eventually they drowned my self doubt.

It is now almost 2024. The year I will be celebrating 25 years of Trivers Consulting Group.

And that guy? The one who said I’d never make it without him? He closed up shop in 2008.

I understand self limiting beliefs, and I work hard to help Owners and CEOs of great companies eliminate them.

Is 2024 your year to ditch limting beliefs?

Is 2024 the year you will also reduce the power of self limiting beliefs? The first step may be to give me a call.

Text NEWYEAR to 703-801-0345 to get the conversation started.

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