Claim Your Brilliance and Get Paid for It

What is brilliance?

  • Einstein?
  • Disney?
  • Steve jobs?

All of these and untold thousands more had ideas that we enjoy in the world as we know it today.

The ideas were brilliant and led to the life changing IMPACT that followed.

Did they get paid for their brilliance? In many ways, yes, but certainly not by the hour.

Why am I bringing this up?

Because you are brilliant too, in your field, in your own unique way.

Your briliance changes lives.

It delivers IMPACT.

I’m passionate about helping brilliant experts like you get paid in proportion to the IMPACT you deliver.

I think about this All. The. Time.

Here’s what you must undertstand in order to claim your brilliance and get paid for it:

The brilliance is the starting point, the essential ingredient that makes all future actions and activities posssible.

The brilliance is when:

  • The designer’s client’s website prompts browsers to say “I’ve GOT to call this company. They’re just what I’ve been looking for.”
  • The CPA analyzes a firm’s P & L and says to the CEO, “See the relationship between these two lines? I think if you did this instead of that, you’d be in a much stronger position for the next year.”
  • The HR specialist says, “Based on my observations and conversations, if your company did X, you’d increase long term retention by 17-20%.”
  • The Safety expert observes a departure from a required protocol that’s increasing risks. He recommends a new way of handling that issue that increases compliance to 99%.”
  • The attorney who learns that partners of a client company aren’t getting along and brings them together with an expert in conflict resolution, which resolves the tension and improves the fortunes of the company.

Does it matter how much time it took to generate the brilliant idea?

Or is it that what matters is what happens as a result of the ideas, observations, and recommendations?

If you charge by the hour, the only thing matters is the time.

Yet these ideas, observations, recommendations, and advice have tremendous IMPACTon the the firm for months or years.

They are the results of years of building your knowledge and expertise.

No hourly rate is enough compensation for these IMPACTs.

It’s Your Turn

Think about your recent client work.

What was the IMPACT of that work? The IMPACT is the effect that lasts after the work is done.

  • Maybe it’s simple or fairly short term (peace of mind that this year’s tax return was completed accurately and submitted on time).
  • Perhaps it’s medium term, like a video that generates 150% of the non-profit’s current fundraising goal.
  • Perhaps is quite long term, like saving a business partnership which then makes the company very attractive to a buyer.

You know how you’ve delivered IMPACT. You know how much you got paid for it.

Was there any correlation between the IMPACT and the fee?

Unlikely. You got paid for the hours you worked.

It’s just another effort in the time sheet/invoice/payment sequence.

Sound famliar?

👉Reply and tell me if this ever happened to you⁠


P.S. You deserve more than this.


Because of your value proposition:

“Our knowledge and expertise increase daily, and we deliver life changing IMPACTs based on that knowledge and expertise.”

Charging by the hour does not recognize this value proposition.

If you agree that it’s time for a change, schedule a Think Tank with me.

During the Think Tank we go deep into the life changing IMPACTs your firm delivers. Can’t think of or see any? We’ll find them! Don’t know how to talk about them? I’ll walk you through a client conversation. Need a way to begin the transition? I’ll help you with a plan and schedule.

👉Call or text 703-801-0345 to schedule your Think Tank. (90 minutes, $425, payable in advance.)

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