What are your blinders hiding?

“I stopped in my tracks when I watched the movie Seabiscuit,” said the newsletter writer.

Why? Because the blinders racehorses wear made her think of all the distractions CEOs and Owners face.

Why am I sharing this with you?

Because I agree and disagree with her points and my disagreements are important you.

I know from my own years of horseback riding, that horses have nearly 360 degree vision. They see from each eye to their tail. So they’re highly susceptible to distractions.

The blinders force racehorses to look straight ahead. Focus on the track and nothing else.

They block out the other horses and the crowd and whatever else might catch their eye. Trainers and jockeys believe that the blinders help their horses win.

My friend the newsletter writer urges business owners to do the same.

Chose your path, then focus on what lies ahead. Don’t get distracted by someone else’s ideas or tempted by new approaches or find yourself falling into a rabbit hole of promises, promises.

I agree with this caution ONLY UP TO A POINT!

It’s the point at which you are so committed to your path, and so blocked off from seeing anything else, that your future becomes dimmer, not brighter.

The world changes, sometimes with lightning speed.

  • What worked last year may not work any longer.
  • “Best practices” in your field may be horrible for your firm.
  • What your clients want may change and your offers to them have to reflect those changes or they’ll find someone else.

What’s worse is that your industry’s ecosystem isn’t stacked in your favor…

….it’s built to codify systems and processes without nuance.

…it thrives on creating courses and certifications that assure homogeneity.

…it says, “you can’t do it on your own.”


You’re in an industry that uses knowledge and expertise to changes lives.

And that knowledge is always increasing, and your expertise is always growing.

Codifying and certifying  don’t allow for the very thing that makes you valuable to your clients—your ability to apply this continuous accumulation of knowledge and expertise to today’s and tomorrow’s needs and desires!

And the ONLY way to fight back is to take a page out of the racehorse playbook.

To focus on YOUR FIRM’S finish line:

Your firm’s strategy, including profit.

A pricing model that is tied to the IMPACT your firm delivers to its clients.

  • Your firm’s financial goals.
  • Your clients’ needs, wants and desires as described by the clients themselves.
  • The health and well being of your associates.

I totally get that taking a peek—or a long look—at what is going on the industry or with your competition, is tempting. You don’t want to be surprised by a new development.

But here’s the thing.

Don’t get diverted from your own goals:


You’re in the middle of your strategic decision making.

You begin to recognize the harm to the firm and your clients of time based billing models.

You have brilliant new knowledge that will deliver even greater life changing differences to your clients.

The key is to wear blinders for the right reason.

One spring I was getting ready to show my horse in a new, more difficult level of Dressage. I decided to practice the test 50 times before the first show. I kept track of each practice, making notes of what  I noticed.

It would have been easy to get distracted. I wanted to ride to music! I wanted to trail ride! And I wanted to get new riding clothes for him and me!

But I kept my eye on that goal of 50 practices. I made it to 47.

The day of the show, we entered at A, halted at X, and then rode that test with confidence and grace.

That’s the choosing to wear blinders for the right reason.

If you’re feeling the need for blinders so you can focus on business growth, more revenue and profit, and a healthy workplace, let me know.

I have enough focus to help you get on the track you want, and to keep your eye on the winner’s circle.

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