Tenacity and Resolve: Easy to Say, Hard to Do

tenacity and resolve

Tenacity, resolve, grit, persistence….

We see and hear these words from every source.

You need tenacity to reach your goals!

Resolve to put one foot in front of the other, even if your feet are blistered and painful.

Grit is that internal toughness that helps you power through the difficult times.

Persistence means to keep on going even when (perhaps, especially when) others tell you to shut up!

Do you have these qualities? Yes, you do. You ‘re not a business founder and owner because you’re lazy, weak or wimpy.

Do you DO these is perhaps another story.

You do, and yet sometimes….

You stop moving forward when you get distracted.

You take a time-out to follow a new trend or shiny object.

You put something on the back burner because grit is currently in short supply.

We all have these experiences because we’re human.

I sometimes wonder if the people who promote tenacity, resolved, grit and persistence as if they’re easy remember that we’re not machines that can be programmed to power through, to remediate the blips and glitches, and to never need a break.

This is on my mind a lot lately because of the pricing questions owner are struggling with.

They understand intellectually that hourly billing is a huge obstacle to revenue growth.

They want to be completely ethical, which Value Based Pricing is.

And yet…they worry that they don’t have the tenacity, grit, resolve or persistence to phase in Value Based Pricing.

I remind them of the evidence that they do. They founded and have been running their own companies for years!

Value Based Pricing is another goal not unlike all the goals they’ve already met.

It’s a process.

Think it through, plot it out step by step, get some advisory support to keep you on track.

Within 6-12 months you’ll be making more money in a completely ethical way, while working no more than, and perhaps even less than, when you did hourly billing.

Value Based Pricing is “Life-changing” as one CPA told me.

Interested? Curious? Skeptical that it’ll work in your industry? Hit reply and let me know you’d like to explore it some more.

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