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Want to overcome pricing objections?

Stop giving prospects prices to object to!

Whether it’s hourly rates, flat or fixed fees, or fees built on value, some group of prospects and clients will object to your firm’s prices.

So you read or listen to posts/podcasts/webinars that promise to teach you how to <<overcome price objections>>.

But people still object to your prices!

What if you asked a much better question:

“How do we avoid price objections in the first place?”


The most common price objections are:

1) The competition charges less (so I want you to reduce your price)
2) The price is too high (so I want you to reduce your price)

You could twist yourself into a pretzel justifying your price with “logic” and earnestness and protestations about how you are different and how your firm is worth more.


You could avoid most objections this way:

Design 3 options that deliver different IMPACTs for fees proportional to those IMPACTs.

The 3 options accomplish what overcoming objections can never do.

–1st, they create comparisons within your offer. If a buyer doesn’t want to pay X, there’s Y or Z. Buyers love to compare and shop. Your 3 options allow them to indulge in their desires without going elsewhere.

–2nd, you have designed the options to deliver IMPACTs, rather than focusing on inputs. When people say “the other guy charges less” they’re looking at two lists of inputs. You are not selling inputs, you’re selling IMPACTs. The other guy can’t do that the way you can.

–3rd, they give the buyer choices. This works on their psyche differently than comparisons. Research into buying behavior says that when buyers have choices, they are more likely to choose one rather than deciding not to buy, and once they’ve chosen, they feel highly confident about their choice.

One of my favorite things is to help clients learn how to design 3 options that deliver different IMPACTs for fees proportional to those IMPACTs. They have a high rate of closes, and very few price objections.

If you’d like to have a permanent way to avoid price objections, let me know.

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