Do people resist paying for your services?

Do you find this is the case? “People don’t want to pay for services.”

A friend and client of mine helps senior executives dramatically improve both business outcomes and the quality of life for themselves and those around them.

Talk about making a difference, about delivering life changing IMPACT!

And yet, she said, she’s heard these people, who have a lot of discretionary money, resist paying for her “services.”

That’s the word they use: “services.” As in, “Well, I don’t really need your services.”

I hear this too, and it’s not only people with a lot of money that resist paying for services.

Services such as executive coaching, and also legal services, accounting services, and designers, writers, trainers, consultants, and so on.

All people who have accumulated years of knowledge and expertise, who deliver life changing impact to their clients.

I started to wonder why

I’ve often read that people, no matter their financial status, gravitate to experiences.

Experiences that are colorful and many-faceted.

Something they live through for a time, and then talk about forever after. These experiences live on in their memories.

Seems quite different from the mindset about services, doesn’t it?

You buy a service, it’s delivered, and then it disappears into history, but not memory.

So it’s time we experts describe ourselves as delivering experiences rather than services.

Here’s how that could sound:

CPA: You’ll experience complete peace of mind and confidence that your financials are in order and your tax returns are timely and correct.

Lawyer: Your experience with me will be warm, friendly, caring, and efficient. You’ll always know the status of your issue.

Website designer: You’ll love the experience of seeing your vision turned into a vibrant design that makes your company stand out for your buyers and prospects. You’ll feel the excitement build as we iterate until you say, “that’s it!”

HR Consultant: You know your people make your company great. You’ll experience the building up of a culture where everyone is valued and where voluntary separations are rare.

Safety advisor: You’ll enjoy knowing that you’re doing everything possible to ensure every person in your company will go home whole and healthy each night.

Leadership Development consulting: You’ll experience true accomplishment when your people effectively solve their business problems with commitment and enthusiasm.

SEO advisor: You’ll experience the unique joy that comes from tens of thousands of website views that generate thousands of qualified leads.

It’s Your Turn

Stop right now for 5 minutes—only 5 minutes!

Ask yourself “What experiences do we create for our clients?”

Experiences, not services, outcomes, or benefits.

Jot down the answers.

Experiences include:

  • feelings and emotions (peace of mind, confidence)
  • accomplishments
  • relief
  • excitement
  • optimism
  • envisioning something brand new

✔️Take your brief notes and turn them into your next introduction, newsletter topic, or correspondence with a client.

✔️Share them with your networking group, peer group, or mastermind.

✔️Include one sentence in your email signature.

✔️Post it in your headline on LinkedIn.

✔️Get people excited about the experience of being your firm’s client.

Together we can create a movement of professional, knowledge based experiences!

Pricing is on everyone’s mind these days more than ever.

Are thinking about your firm’s pricing?

Not sure what numbers go into your price?

Conflicted about time based or value/IMPACT based?

Worried how clients will respond to any changes?

I have been thinking about pricing since 2010—12 years!

If there’s something to think about, I have. Thought about it, investigated it, and incorporated what works.

This is my passion—not for me, but for you.

No one who makes a difference to clients, week after week, month after month, year after year, should be denied proportional compensation for making that difference.

When I adopted value based pricing, I worried like you do.

When the first client accepted, I exhaled a sign of relief.

I haven’t ever looked back.

  • I help my clients make the switch in a time frame that works for them.
  • Using their own numbers.
  • And their own language.

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