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We are Pricing Advisors for Services Firms

What would it mean to get paid for the value you deliver?

Our Crack the Pricing Code™ Approach will Help You Increase Revenue and Profit

  • Creatives get paid for the impact your unique and creative work has on your client’s companies and lives (not for time)
  • Professionals earn revenue and profit for the life-changing value you deliver to your Business clients (not for time)
  • Subject Matter Experts get compensated for how your expertise changes the lives of your clients (not for time)

Trivers Consulting Group Pricing Experts will help your firm enjoy the fruits of your knowledge
(not your time).


Hate this?
Client cancels a 3 hour appointment, and you can’t fill that time with another client. You have zero revenue from those hours.

Dread this?
Using your line of credit because accounts receivables are not due for weeks and you have bills to pay.

Annoyed by this?
Frequently chasing your staff for time sheets. Clients challenging hours billed.

You’re in business to make client’s lives better. These frustrations take you and your team away from doing that.

What if one new choice would eliminate or reduce all these frustrations….and make your firm more profitable?

Crack the Pricing Code™ and you can focus your efforts on delivering life-changing value to your clients and customers.

Why is Pricing Model So Important?

The pricing model—the fancy way to refer to how you charge—impacts every other component of the company. Your pricing model shapes your strategy, brand, offerings, marketing, sales, delivery, and potential for growth.

We advise, recommend, and implement on pricing models. Our Crack the Pricing Code™ method helps every knowledge work firm–creatives, professional services, specialists, and experts—leapfrog over time sucking, risky, and energy consuming options for how to charge.

Is Crack the Pricing Code™ a One-Size-Fits-All Product or Service?

No, not at all.

In fact, we don’t sell services.

  • Your firm’s current situation is not like any other firm’s.
  • Your firm’s current hot buttons are not like any other firm’s.

We deliver life-changing value to each client that’s specific to their current situation and current hot buttons.

Our framework is consulting: the business of giving expert pricing advice to people working in professional, creative, or specialized fields.

Each consulting engagement is drawn up to meet the specific needs, wants, and desires of your firm, our client.

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