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Knowledge services firms are varied and endlessly interesting.

And they all share one vision…

They want to—no, they MUST—deliver life changing differences to their clients in order to sustain a company that supports the owner, the associates, and employees.

The firm’s choice of pricing model—how they arrive at the fees they charge—affects their ability to deliver life changing differences to their clients.

  • Hourly billing? It seems simple to track and easy to quote to clients. No connection to client outcome.
  • Subscriptions? Set it and forget it. Generates recurring monthly revenue. No connection to client outcome.
  • The Therapy Model? Regularly scheduled, time-limited sessions, for a fixed fee, billed automatically. No connection to client outcome.

IMPACT Based Pricing? The one pricing model that connects the fee your clients pay to the life changing differences you deliver to them.

The greater the IMPACT, the greater the fee.

Your firm is compensated for your unique combination of accumulated knowledge and expertise and the differences you deliver.

Not one of the time based models connects the impact you make to the fee you earn.

Are we the right fit for your firm?

Yes, if you want to be compensated for the differences you make in your client’s lives.

We’ve worked with lawyers, consultants, architects, accountants, the full gamut of designers, photographers and videographers, trainers and educators, HR specialists, engineers, mediators, safety and regulatory compliance specialists.

We think about pricing every single day.

We know what works, what doesn’t work, and how different pricing approaches affect companies.

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