Hourly billing or flat fixed fees limit your firm’s revenue.
Professional and business services firms have a huge advantage they often fail to leverage.

What is that?

Knowledge and expertise.

You and your associates are able to deliver more and greater IMPACTs that change client’s lives.

Your fees should reflect them.

Tired of…

Haggling over hourly rates?

Worrying about selling your time to cover your costs?

Getting less money the faster you work?

Chasing time sheets?

Explaining why you charged clients for quick calls?

Time based billing  does not make a highly profitable professional or business services firm.

Change is possible.

It’s within your reach.

It’s what the Trivers Consulting Group delivers:


You can confidently rely on our years of experience working with firms like yours. We get to know your specific situation with our 6 Questions, Issue Chart, and Continuum of IMPACT.


You receive a customized set of offers that will deliver the life changing differences you need, want or desire, with fees proportional to those IMPACTs. Your offers are unique to you.


We practice the Partnership model of IMPACT delivery. We work with you to implement the IMPACT offer of your choice. You have unlimited access to us by email, phone, and text during normal business hours. You agree to provide the information needed to achieve the IMPACTs. We agree to confidentiality. Jointly we set up a schedule that ensures we keep moving towards the IMPACTs.

About Susan Trivers

Small Business Expert: 29 years operating and consulting with companies up to $10 million gross revenue. If you make your money with your knowledge and expertise, I understand you and will help you.

I’ve seen the frustration and exhaustion Owners, Founders, and CEOs face behind the scenes.

I’m determined to help as many companies as I can increase their profit by shining a light on their pricing model–the strategic decision that affects the whole company.

Hundreds of businesspeople have said to me “I never would have thought of that!”

My creative business mind never stops. There is always room for new ideas and perspectives.

Just because something has “always been done this way” is no reason to continue if it holds you back from the revenue and profit you could earn with different choices

IMPACT Based Pricing

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