You’ve Got This!

you've got this

I believe in you; do you believe in yourself?

You are arguably the best in your field. You help clients and customers achieve their desired results and move on to future goals. What could be better than that?

You know this. But…do your customers and clients know this? Are you a best kept secret?

Both providers and buyers recoil from big boasts. “We’re number one” is for sleazy, fast-talking promoters. You’d never feel comfortable being like that. Regretfully, you end up being a best kept secret.

There must be a way to avoid being called a best kept secret. To break out of that position:

  • Takes a realization that your audience may not know about what makes your product special.
  • Takes a deep look into every part of a company and discovering what it does that makes it stand out in the industry.
  • Takes ongoing, strategic branding and communication to capitalize on those differentiators and make a positive sales impact.

What’s an arguably best in the business company supposed to do?

1) Let others speak for you. Keep a record of the compliments your customers and clients pay you and share them. You can capture these from your conversations during and after they have experienced your services. This works in two ways: the clients themselves are reminded of how happy they are with their choice (and therefore would want to do it again) and others like them can imagine enjoying the same outcomes.

2) Write short stories about heroic client successes. They were on a quest or needed to resolve a mystery. They chose your company to help and are now enjoying a great outcome.  Client stories can be as short as a few sentences and as impactful as a popular novel or movie.

3) Provide value in advance. Illuminate problems and help people see what’s possible.
–You’ll walk away with…
–You’ll be able to…
–You’ll get…

Make it clear you are not just an order-taker.

You Really Do Have Everything You Need

The trusted advisors and professional services firms who ask me about increasing their revenue often start with this: “I’m an expert (insert expertise/profession here). I’m not a marketer. I don’t know what to say. “

With a few specific questions I help them tap into their deep reservoir of “what to say.” This eye-opening conversation reveals to them that they may not know best marketing practices, but they do have plenty to say to existing customers and clients.

They now have the confidence to  share how they are arguably the best source of value and great outcomes for their customers and clients. No more being a best kept secret.

What would it mean to your company to be known as arguably the best in your field? Who says so, and what are you going to do to share those stories with others?

You’ve got this!

Trivers Consulting Group has many resources for the best professionals and advisors. Susan’s BlogMoney Matters, and Bullseye Marketing are among the most read.

“Susan’s work product is always excellent” says Ryan, CEO of a high tech firm just acquired in a competitive bidding process. “We’ve relied on her for the past ten years and much of our successful growth is based on her advise and wisdom.”


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