You’ll Never Again Have to Approach Prospects Cold

retention marketing
Dread making cold calls? Hate that no one opens your emails? Have a sinking feeling that your social media marketing money is being poured into a bottomless pit?

You can avoid these feelings forever.

Is that too good to be true? Are you expecting a complex and expensive solution?

Good! We’re here to surprise you.

Getting new customers and clients is the hardest and most costly work for professional or knowledge-based services firms. How do you differentiate legal services; or accounting services; or specialized consulting, architecture, design, IT and education services?

You try to create a ‘special sauce’ but the prospective client is weary of special sauces. You add features and twist yourself into a pretzel to articulate benefits and the client tunes you out. More worry, more money spent, more time spent hoping the phone will ring.

All the while there are people who wish—yes, wish—you would call them. These are your existing customers and clients.

Why do they wish you would call them? Because they won’t or can’t call you.

Inertia, too busy, running to and fro, unable to catch a free minute to make the call, a full plate. Or, they don’t remember your phone number or your company name or who they talked to!

Think about your own buying behavior. What stops you from making the call to a company you know and trust? When you recognize that your existing clients and customers are very much like you, you’ll recognize the value of Bullseye Marketing.

It’s human nature to want to take the easiest way. Bullseye Marketing does that in three ways:
1. Bullseye marketing campaigns are easy to implement
2. Bullseye Marketing makes it easy for existing customers and clients to do more business with you.
3. Bullseye marketing is favorably priced. And it has a bulit in bonus–your marketing campaign can be used more than once.

We consulted with a firm that designs internal corporate training. The firm had spent tens of thousands of dollars on marketing services: social media campaigns, SEO, and branding. They had very little to show for it. They were dispirited. Would anything work?

What encouraged them to buy our Bullseye Marketing Bullseye Pack were the specificity of the work and the high value for the price.

We worked with them to design a Bullseye Marketing campaign for their existing corporate clients. Within a couple of weeks these companies were calling them and new work for existing clients began to climb. In addition to more revenue and profit, these clients wanted the new projects quickly and the established trust factor enabled the shorter timeline.

Which existing customers and clients are wishing you would contact them? You can start your own Bullseye Marketing campaign within 14 days and start getting your phone to ring. Details are here. Buy online or call/text me if you have questions about the pack that’s right for you.

Why wait? Existing customers and clients need what you offer. 703-801-0345

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