You Know What You Need—or Do You?

I was designing a new business card and asked my mastermind group for specific text suggestions. Several sent their ideas. One asked me to send her an image or mock-up which she said would help her help me. My first thought wasn’t very charitable. “Why does she need to see the mock-up? I just want a few words.”

Since she was willing to help me, I sent her the mock-up. Within minutes she sent her suggestions, which involved a small adjustment to the design, and she was completely right. I’m excited about the new cards.

This made me reflect on how often smart people think they know what they need, but really don’t see the whole picture clearly.

A CEO told me he needs to get less busy before he can begin a Singular FocusSM engagement with me. I know is that he will never “get” less busy, and only by committing to the project will he make the time for it. How often does thinking you know what you need cause you to put off to tomorrow what you should start today?

Another CEO needed a response to some disruptive actions by a company vice president. It seemed to me she was searching for an answer without really knowing what success would look like. I suggested that she ask first “What does success look like?” and then “What would have to be true in order to achieve that success?” before deciding on a solution. Two days later she let me know that those two questions helped the executive team decide on the best response.

These CEOs are deeply knowledgeable about their companies and their fields, as are you. Sometimes this depth leads you to ask for solutions too soon or without stepping back and seeing a bigger picture.

I value the many people I turn to for their perspective and advice and I provide a fresh perspective and advice to many others.

How about you? Do you rush to solutions because you think you know what you need, or do you seek the injection of a new point of view that will make your ultimate decision the best it can be?

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