What’s Your Superpower?

“What’s your superpower?” Have you thought about your answer? It’s come up frequently in business conversations recently and it’s made me think.

  • Is this a meaningful question?
  • What is a superpower?
  • How can one make a difference to your company’s revenue and profit?

A Meaningful Question

Is “What’s your superpower” a meaningful question? It depends…. on the definition or understanding in the mind of the person who asks it, and how the respondent defines superpower.

Definitions can include:

  • High level skill
  • Intuition
  • Mindset
  • Culture
  • Measurable results
  • Inner confidence and self belief

I think the most meaningful definitions are those around your inner beliefs, your personal self-confidence and high self-worth. If you don’t have a powerful belief in yourself, no level of skill will give you a superpower. If you believe that you can do anything you put your mind to, you can increase your skills and knowledge and succeed.

What’s your definition of superpower?

What is Your Superpower?

Once you’ve defined superpower, you have the chance to think about your own.

If you believe it’s high level skills, then how high are your skills? Are you and your employees investing in building skills, year after year? Remember that a leading-edge skill today can quickly become a commodity tomorrow.

If you think it’s measurable success, what measures of success do you track and how well are you doing? The only way to declare yourself a success is to have a measurable goal, and plan of action, a series of benchmarks to track along the way, and a final accounting that shows you meeting, exceeding or failing to meet, the goal.

If you define superpower as company culture, what is the culture of your company and how is it helping you reach your goals? Culture is the composite of a set of beliefs, values and behaviors. Too often leaders talk a lot about company culture but don’t actually work to shape and promulgate it. If you believe that meeting your profit goals requires a diverse and inclusive work force but your behaviors across the board don’t reflect that belief, your company culture is likely to be weak, not a superpower at all.

If it’s a mindset, what is your mindset? Is it as powerful as it can be? Mindset includes how positive or negative your outlook is. You could set a high revenue goal and be pessimistic about the chances of meeting it. Do you build up strengths to make them superpowers, or you spend heavily to improve weaknesses? Do you hire great people and trust them to do what they do best or do you hire great people and then demand compliance with all manner of company processes and procedures?

How Can Your Superpower make a difference?

If your superpower can be characterized as optimistic and forward looking, it will certainly make a difference.

  • It will lead you to always be looking for ways to improve and innovate on your current offerings.
  • It will motivate you and your team to deepen relationships with your current buyers, which then helps you innovate and improve in ways that add value they will be happy to buy from you.
  • It inspires employees to commit to continuous improvement in innovations and improvements and relationships with buyers so that year over year you enjoy robust revenue and profit growth.

In other words, when your superpower is your mindset and company culture, it will be a terrific platform for growth of both revenue and profit. Skills can be acquired and yet can also keep you just where you’re at. Measuring can become the end itself, and not a means to growth.

Mindset and Culture

A business owner asked me about my superpower. My first answer was to talk about my keen talent to look inside a company at strategy, operations and financials and discern where these are connected and where they are not. It’s the gaps in connection that provide huge opportunities for profitable growth.

As we were leaving, I suddenly blurted out “My superpower is my wits and grit.” Wits to imagine and create for my own business and for my clients, and grit to carry out the plans no matter what.

It’s the mindset and culture that inspire growth that are the real superpowers. What is your personal superpower and what is the superpower of your company? If you’re unclear about your superpower and need an outside perspective to help you clarify it, we’d love to help. 703-801-0345.