What Makes a Great TCG Client?

What Makes a Great Trivers Consulting Group Client?
What Makes a Great Trivers Consulting Group Client?

best clientsSuccessful Trivers Consulting Group clients embody these qualities. While not all have every quality, everyone has a majority of them. If you think you’re a great Trivers Consulting Group client, let us know!

  • Owners actively leading their companies
  • Business to business
  • Business to consumer
  • Profitable
  • Funded by the earnings of the company; may also have bank lines of credit or SBA loans
  • Small executive team
  • History of working with outside advisors or experts.
  • Willingness to invest with Trivers Consulting Group
  • Tracks numbers
  • Set goals. Use benchmarks and standards to track progress daily/weekly.
  • Committed to change as necessary for growth
  • Committed to increasing the value of the company
  • Coachable
  • Honor the terms of our agreement: they’re responsible for the execution of the plans/ideas I help them create to reach their goals
  • Professional services (lawyers, CPAs, designer, architects, niches/expert consultants, IT services, medical, educators/trainers, coaches)
  • Consumer/Other services (printers, landscaping, remodeling, auto, home protection, banking)