We All Labor in Many Ways

Would you take a few minutes this Labor Day to reflect on those who labor for you and with you, and how you labor for others and yourselves?

This reflection is so needed during these competitive and relentless times.

Labor Day is the outcome of an historic agreement called the Treaty of Detroit from the early 1950s. The United Auto Workers and General Motors agreed to a 5 year contract to provided security for both the workers and the owners.

How secure do we feel today? Not enough, I am afraid. We tend to see everything as a competition, and as if there is an extremely limited pie. If the other guy gets a tiny sliver more, that means I get a tiny sliver less.

And yet, as the many business owners I call my friends and colleagues know, their work is powerfully expansionary. Companies grow to meet the newest needs of the clients and customers. They add new employees, and promote others, to help them provide exceptional value.

It is only when your focus is on contraction, not expansion, that a sliver of the pie to one person means one sliver less to another.

I’ve dedicated the past 20 years to revenue and profit growth. Growth that is generated by more: more value, more service, more attention to the needs and dreams of the buyers; more time for the rest of our lives; and more owner well-being.

Labor Day marks our cultural transition from summer to fall and eventually winter. It’s the a time when we think about year-end results. 2020 is just 4 months away!

I challenge you to imagine your year-end results reaching beyond your wildest dreams because you have appreciated all the people in your lives that contribute. That your focus is on adding,not subtracting. Expansion, not contraction. Growing the pie.

Who’s going to join me? Let me know how you will grow your pie. If you’re not sure and need some ideas, let’s start s conversation.

My imagination and creativity never fail to help business owners make big strides towards the growth they desire. 703-801-0345.

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