Two Days Two Heads An Explosion of Ideas


What can two congenial, smart and focused people create in two days? I am here to tell you, with the right mindset, it feels like two million ideas!Having just returned from two days of innovation and growth-minded development with my own business advisor, Mark LeBlanc, I have a notebook full of new ways to deliver extraordinary value to the business owners I love to support.

In the coming weeks and months I’ll be making it all accessible in the most focused and financially-minded services available to owners like you, whose personal wealth is intimately tied to the value of their companies.

Today I have two messages for you.

#1: The smartest people ask for help. They pay for it, make time for it, and execute the ideas that come from it without fail.

I practice what I preach. Since establishing Trivers Consulting Group in 1999, I have had formal working relationships with a number of different advisers. Each provided me with new thinking I would not have had on my own, and I have no regrets about the investment of my hard earned dollars.

This most recent two day one-on-one with Mark is illustrative of the value of collaborating with your advisor. Sitting at a table, ideas flowed, notes were taken, “aha!” moments happened, and the excitement built. This is collaboration at its best: back and forth, no one asking for or giving permission, no judgments, many opinions, some debate over juuuust the right word, and further firing up my passion for working with owners to increase the value of their life’s work.

How often do you ask for help? What are you waiting for?

#2: There must always be new thinking. These are appetizers. Look for more about these ideas in the coming weeks. Let me know what intrigues you the most and let’s talk about how to grow the value of your company.

  • Incorporate new thinking and value for your buyers, or your margins end up razor thin.
  • Ownership is a philosophy, not just a financial and legal matter. Maximize the ownership philosophy throughout your company.
  • Uncomfortable truths are usually the ones we need the most, even if they are the ones we resist the most.
  • You’re either growing your business or you’re going out of business. Don’t be Blockbuster or Saturn.
  • Promote respect in every way. People do business with people they respect and who respect them in return. Don’t confuse likability with respect.

BONUS: Intention is not commitment

Only commitment is commitment. Choose one area to work on, make time for intense focus on it (3X3X3), investigate it, analyze it, and write a 60-90 day plan with benchmarks. Then implement the plan, keeping track of how your actions dovetail with your benchmarks. At the conclusion of the plan, analyze the results. Congratulate yourself for your execution. Tinker as needed to maximize results. Make a new commitment. Keep growing.

Put Your Head Together with Mine

The time is always right to collaborate. The sooner you begin, the sooner you get and enjoy results. Give me a call or email me for your own half-day, whole day or two day STEP in the direction of your desired future. 703-801-0345.

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