Tools for Growth

Are you a list person or do you prefer visuals? We offer both on this page of TOOLS for GROWTH.

Each visual is accompanied by some tips or steps to apply the concept on your own to your professional or business services firm. Let us know if you have questions by submitting them on the contact form.

LADRSM stands for Leverage Assets to Drive Results.

Your firm needs each of the assets in the LADRSM in order to optimize profit. The LADRSM graphic illustrates that when any asset is missing or weak, the outcome is compromised.

profit tool

To use the LADRSM

  1. On a separate page for each element, describe in words your current Strategy, Brand, Offerings, Prospects (including existing buyers), Marketing, Sales, and Leverage approaches, practices, and habits.
  2. Attach sales reports for the past 3 months. Highlight the best and worst selling offerings.
  3. Attach a report from your CRM showing which buyers spent the most and least money with your firm .

Analyze this data and information in light of the LADR.SM

Where are your company’s blank spaces?

List 3 actions you will take in the coming 30 days to fill in those blanks.

You may be interested in a quick review of your LADRSM. Email to set up a Business-to-Business chat. It’s complimentary and I’ll help you understand your results and how to fill in the blanks.

Crack the Pricing Code: Implement Value Based Pricing and Generate Fortunes

I did it wrong for ten whole years! I used the hourly billing pricing model which meant I struggled to sell billable hours, collect payments due in a timely manner and avoid having to compete on price.

When I phased in Value Based Pricing everything changed! My clients love knowing there’s no ethical conflict between us. They deserve their outcomes as soon as possible commensurate with quality and I get paid for delivering that, not for the time it takes.

No meter is ever running, which allows a closer relationship between client and provider. The free flow of ideas and questions leads to additional opportunities for new value to be created and delivered.

We invented the 5 Step Phase-In for Value Based Pricing for professional and business services firms to thoughtfully adopted Value Based Pricing. The pricing model affects every nook and cranny of a company. Taking it one step at a time ensures that every aspect is considered.

Take some time to read this over and visualize how Value Based Pricing will help you get closer to your clients and increase the value of your business. If you’ve got questions, send them using the Contact form.

value based pricing

Profit Optimization RoadmapSM

Increasing profit is an annual, ongoing effort for professional and business services firms. You cannot “set it and forget it.” What was acceptable profit last year will leave you behind in the coming year.

Our Profit Optimization RoadmapSM is your guide to this annual effort. The roadmap or process does not change. It’s the data, information, analysis and plans that evolve year over year.

How to Use the Roadmap

Below are the steps we take when working with clients. These steps are aligned with the days in the circles in the graphic above.

Step 1 (days 1-20). Collect the following data and information:

  1. Collect the information per the LADR
  2. Also assemble your exit plan, customer experience practices, employee documentation, pricing model and tax planning guidance.

Step 2 (Day 21-29)

Analyze the data and information, and identify strengths, gaps, and untapped opportunities.

Step 3 (Day 30)

Produce 60-day plan:

Identify resources needed including: people, money, time, work schedule, benchmarks and progress reports.

Set goals per week, month and for the 60th day.

Contact us with any questions or obstacles you face executing the first 30 days of the Profit Optimization Roadmap. We’ll scheduled a complimentary Business-to-Business chat so you can get right to the work of boosting your firm’s profit this year.