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It came from out of the blue, an airborne threat that has shocked the country to its foundations. There was a sudden shutdown across the land. People felt deep fear. Nothing will be the same again.

We’re talking about the coronavirus, manifested as COVID-19.

You’re faced with widespread disorientation. Your company may be devastated or it may be booming. Everyone is asking “What do we do next?”

Susan Trivers’ must-read book reveals the most important business strategy for what to do next: Trust It, Try It, Tinker with It

Tinker: How Smart Business Owners Develop Creative Ideas for True Growth

The Tinker process is the key to rebounding and rebuilding in this next normal.

Learn what hundreds of smart business owners have learned from Susan Trivers:

Trust It, Try It, Tinker with It!


Praise from business owners:

“Susan Trivers’ philosophy, revealed in Tinker, is to change it up or try a new approach. Tinkering can be the difference between a failure to rebound and a return to success.”
Mark LeBlanc, CSP
Author of Never Be the Same, Growing Your Business and Build Your Consulting Practice

“Fast read – Incredibly useful – Filled with vignettes, wisdom and great advice. Susan’s famous Soup Story taps into something I believe is important: tracking and measuring results so you can draw accurate conclusions and make critical business decisions. In her examples, she shows you how simple this can be to do yourself.” Business Coach Dianne Dawson

Quick, worthwhile read for business owners! Susan gives actionable ideas for any business owner. She shares personal stories of her own business challenges and successes and it is easy to identify with her. It is a great book! Joan Fletcher, Winning Ways, Inc.

“Susan gets into the heart of the matter quickly, and comes up with creative and innovative breakthrough ideas. When you talk with Susan you often wonder “How come I never thought about it this way?” or “How in the world is she able to come up with these ideas?” Chad Barr, Author, Speaker and Internet & Marketing Strategist

There is no change unless you change.

The 3-T model for change is, simply, the most streamlined and low risk approach to succeeding in the new normal.

True growth happens when the smart business owner focuses on making it happen. It’s a mindset as well as a behavior set.

It is all day, every day, month after month and year after year. It is also fun, exciting and very rewarding!

Trust your hunches, Try experiments, Tinker and repeat.

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