Tinker: the 3-T Model for True Growth™

Tinker: the 3-T Model for True Growth™
Tinker: the 3-T Model for True Growth™

tinker creative business developmentIf you’re thinking “my business is humming, now I’ll just maintain” Susan Trivers will make you think again in her new, must-read book that reveals how tinkering may be the most important business strategy you’re ignoring. As Trivers’ clients know, tinkering is the hidden key to sustained growth and profitability.

Learn what hundreds of smart business owners have learned from Susan Trivers:

Trust It, Try It, Tinker with It!

Tinker: the 3-T Model for True Growth™ System gives creative business owners tools for turning great ideas into growth engines that power their companies way past their revenue and profit goals.

The System includes:

  • Tinker: 3-T Model worksheet to begin writing down your growth plans.
  • The Go CURVE Blueprint which helps you analyze the gold within your company: current buyers, current offerings and current employees.
  • The Cultivate and Nurture Plan for customer and client retention and highly profitable revenue.
  • The Six Focus Areas visual. Susan Trivers has identified the 6 distinct areas of every business. With this knowledge, your leadership team can create specific plans, action steps and responsibilities and accountabilities that turn the company into one congruent growth machine.


Mark LeBlanc says:

“In your hands you hold a street smart book written by a wise author. Susan Trivers is rare indeed. Her experience and depth of expertise in business make her uniquely qualified to share her wisdom and insights.”

“She is the consummate pro when it comes to focus and creativity. Her philosophy, revealed in Tinker, is a model for unlocking a new combination for accelerated growth. Often we are so close to success we cannot see it. Changing it up or trying a new approach—Tinkering—can be the difference between ordinary results and extraordinary success.”

Mark LeBlanc, CSP
Author of Never Be the Same, Growing Your Business and Build Your Consulting Practice

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