Thinking about an exit

Thinking about an exit
Is It Time to Exit?

Company Valuation Predicts Owner Wealth Post-Exit

Did you ever think this time would come? When you launched your company years ago, all you could think about was what was right in front of you: the need for customers and clients and the need to sell products and services.

Now, at 15 or more years out from that launch, you’re thinking about exiting. Exiting has many implications: financial, operational, legal and, most of all, personal. How will your wealth change? What happens to your identity?

As 21+ year experts consulting with and supporting privately held companies to grow revenue and profit and to reduce risk, Trivers Consulting Group is a desired partner when an exit is on the horizon. We work with a cadre of highly qualified professionals in all relevant fields who will support our clients to achieve the single most important transaction of their business ownership life: the EXIT.

We work with company Owners to get their businesses ready for a high-quality exit.

  • The readiness begins with an assessment of every nook and cranny of the company as it is today. We follow this with a formal quantitative and qualitative valuation performed by a professional expert valuation company that we trust. (This is not a job for a CPA or attorney.)
  • We establish the value of the company today and give you several perspectives: outright sale to new owner; private equity (equity partners); acquisition as part of another company’s expansion strategy; ESOP (sales to employees) and other possible formats.
  • If you are willing to work towards a higher company valuation which will return to you a larger financial payoff, we will construct a plan for growth. We can support you as you implement, or, if you decide to do it yourself, we’ll keep tabs on progress in case you need our help.
  • At 1, 2 or 3 years out we’ll perform the valuation again and provide you the same various perspectives.
  • When you are ready to exit, we’ll refer you to trusted M&A advisers to facilitate the transaction and maximize your payout.

Before the EXIT


There’s so much an owner can do before they start thinking seriously about an exit. We support owners from day one till exit. Use our resources, including our downloads, our videos and articles. Book a project or an engagement that will boost profitable revenue, streamline your offerings, and target your best markets. Undertake our comprehensive Growth Methodology to identify strengths, reveal gaps and uncover trapped opportunities. Working on substantial growth throughout the life of the company is the single best work you can do for a terrific exit.




How Can Trivers Consulting Group help you Exit?

Before you call us, take a look at what makes a great TCG client If you feel there’s a match, book a complimentary Discovery call by calling 703-801-0345 or emailing

We’ll want to know your current state, your current successes and obstacles, and your future goals. Together we will work to create an engagement that will move you towards exit readiness.

We stand ready whether your anticipated exit is 1, 2, or 3 years or more in the future.