Think Outside the Box to Leverage What’s Inside the Box

key to more revenue

When was the last time you spoke to your customers and clients? Whether you literally spoke to them on the phone, or you spoke to them through email, text, or postcard–yes, postcard– when was it? And what did you say?

If you can’t remember, or you remember a one-time, half-hearted effort, it means you’ve overlooked the most potent source of revenue. Not just now, in the early months of permanent changes to business life, but for the long term.

Cultivating and nurturing your current customers and clients is the key to revenue growth. If you don’t use that key, the door will close on your company.

Remember this: just because someone bought once from you doesn’t mean they’ll automatically buy that from you again. And just because someone bought one product or service from you, doesn’t mean they know what else you offer.

We recommend 3 approaches to help your company think outside the box to leverage what’s inside the box.

  1. Segmenting your customers and clients. One business development tactic doesn’t work for all the people on your list. Once you segment your customers and clients, you’re one step closer to opening the door.
  2. Designing an approach for each segment. Business development design includes modality or channel, content, whether to make an offer, the powerful call-to-action, and the schedule.
  3. Products and services. To turn the key most of the way open, be sure to bring the products and services to the attention of each segment that they’ll be most interested in.

Trivers Consulting Group for twenty years has been supporting companies to focus intensively on their current customers and clients. We have called this ‘Think INSIDE the Box.’ We’ve helped companies in many industries succeed. In one instance, 23 out of 25 accounting firm clients quickly bought a new package of services that was tailored to their exact interests. In another case, hundreds of customers signed up for advanced reservations for routine auto service. The customers not only received timely routine maintenance, they avoided roadside emergencies because impending issues were caught early.

Most business owners work hard to overcome challenges such as:

  • Inconsistent or stagnant revenue
  • Preponderance of low-priced sales
  • Too few new clients or customers

Our Think INSIDE the Box™ services help companies overcome these problems.

Existing customers are more likely to buy from a company they already know–if the company only asked them!

Most companies never even ask what else their buyers need and desire. If they did, they could add to their offerings, especially the tangible intangibles that increase value and profit: convenience, speed, status, and access.

Read that again. Your existing customers can solve your growth and profit challenges.

We’ll Help You Open the Door to New Revenue from Current Customers and Clients

We offer a half-day workshop for the business owner or chief executive and 3-5 members of the business development, customer relationship, and product/service development teams. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have a segmented list that allows you to customize your marketing; you’ll understand the unique marketing design that totally taps into these customers and clients; and you’ll have the seeds of new products and services for these segments.

The cost of the Workshop depends on your company’s revenue and complexity. We have plenty of FAQs here. Included 30 days of access to me following the workshop. Trivers Consulting Group will advise and coach the executive on all post-workshop implementation by phone and/or email.

Please call or email when the time is right (maybe sooner rather than later?) for your Workshop to leverage what’s inside the Box. 703-801-0345.

Want to learn more? Here are a few short videos about Think INSIDE the box.

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