There’s Never Been a Better Time to Rethink Your Marketing

retention marketing

Before you read any further take a moment to recall what you’ve been rethinking the past few months. Times of uncertainty make us all reconsider and evaluate.

Just like you, your customers and clients are rethinking everything if they want to get through the pandemic pressures better than ever. They’re looking for cost savings, greater efficiency, and higher returns on every investment. Your professional services company can hit the target on all three if you practice Bullseye Marketing.

  1. Bullseye Marketing keeps your company top of mind.
  2. Bullseye Marketing engages clients and customers.
  3. Bullseye Marketing helps you respond to their new thinking.

My vision of Bullseye Marketing is that it helps professional services companies create a two-way street between themselves and their existing customers and clients. You keep top of mind, they welcome talking to you about their future, and you create new offerings that move them forward.

They just might buy what you offer if you offer what they need.

Bullseye Marketing enables you to find out what they need.

Did you know?

The success rate of selling to an existing customer is 60-70%, while the success rate of selling to a new customer is only 5-20%!

Buyers love personalization. A whopping 69% of buyers are willing to pay more for a more personalized experience  Bullseye Marketing is all about personalization. It makes a huge contribution to B2B relationships!

How do You Get Bullseye Marketing ?

We want every growth-minded business owner or executive do have a Bullseye Marketing package that suits their preferences.

  • Are you naturally cautious about new expenditures? Our Outer Ring Package is for you.
  • Are you eager for more impact and mindful of your budget? Our Inner Ring pack was designed with you in mind
  • Do you have a strong hunch that full-on fresh and powerful marketing to existing customers and clients is just what you need? Go for our comprehensive Bullseye Pack.

Packages are priced as low as $552.00. You can select and buy online. Or, you can schedule a discovery call to assess the right package for you.

All the Package details are here. Check them out and then schedule a discovery call. We practice intense personalization too, so you can be sure you’ll get just what your company needs.

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