The Power of Bundles

What motivates a buyer to approach your company? Most of the time buyers come to your company to meet a need or a want. “I need my tax return completed” or “I want a more energy efficient heating and air conditioning system” or “ We have to get our people on the same page.”

It’s perfectly understandable that your company would offer ways to fulfill these needs or wants.

Unfortunately, you get into the habit of selling a la carte: one item at a time, priced individually. This forces the buyer into a sequence of asks, and, more critically, it allows them to look elsewhere each time.

The most powerful source of new revenue is your current buyers. I have worked with hundreds of owners to capitalize on their current buyers and this is often where we start:

A la carte or a bundle?

Consider this question from a buyer’s perspective.

Buyers have blinders on when they’re feeling a need or want. They aren’t seeing beyond the immediate moment. Your company knows that each specific need or want is connected, often in many ways, to other offerings you have.

It’s your opportunity to open their eyes beyond their boundaries. If you’ve planned bundles or packages of related offerings, you can quickly meet the immediate need while at the same time offering other products and services that will give them greater value over time.

The Business Case for Bundling

You create better relationships when you show the buyer you’ve already invested in their long term value, even though they had not anticipated it. Relationships are the bedrock of long term sustainable revenue growth.

Your total marketing efforts improve once you’ve created bundles. You generate many different value propositions, each of which resonates with many buyers.

Each bundled sale keeps the buyer close to you for a long time. The bundle requires a sequence of communications, reminding the buyer of the value they have coming to them. Your company is consistently top of mind.

Bundles showcase your company’s imagination and creativity. They give your buyers a picture far beyond the one thing they came to you for.

You reduce the work the buyer has to do to acquire other products and services. You become a one-stop shop; they get comfortable with your reliability and consistent high value. They feel allegiance to you. “Why change?” messages from other companies makes no impression whatsoever.

Clients of ours have enjoyed revenue growth between 19-45% when they committed to effective bundling. What could you do with that much new revenue?

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