The One Gift Only You Can Give

Between ever-present screens and the constant demand of more and more, our connection to others is at risk of disintegrating. At this time of gift-giving and stress, you can give one gift that is only yours to give.

The gift of you.

  • A smile and a look in the eyes of the other person.
  • A “thank you” for everything, large or small. And ‘you’re welcome,” not “no problem” or “of course” but a real heartfelt “Thank you.”
  • A pause for an embrace or a warm handshake.
  • Your undivided attention for 10 minutes and your active listening.
  • Your greetings of good cheer no matter what you personally believe or celebrate.
  • Your kindness when everyone is rushing.
  • Your generosity of spirit when it feels like there’s no spirit left.

I am wishing you good cheer and generosity of spirit and sending a deep, heartfelt thank you for being in my community and reading my thoughts and ideas each week.

Best wishes to you and to those you hold dear.


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