Are You Gambling on Prospects or Betting on Clients and Customers?

How do you build healthy relationships with clients? Do you work harder and harder to generate prospects, those initial inquiries about your company’s products and services? After all the content marketing, social media campaigns, networking, SEO and publishing, are you pouring resources into moving prospects through your funnel in the hopes they become customers or … Continue reading Are You Gambling on Prospects or Betting on Clients and Customers?

Cultivate Your Buyers for Evergreen Revenue Growth

Cultivating is Exciting I hope you feel, as I do, that cultivating growth is exciting, optimistic, and positive. When I work with owners to cultivate relationships for growth we get enthusiastic about creating ideal conditions that foster growth with their buyers. The point is that cultivating buyers should be joyful and exciting, even as it … Continue reading Cultivate Your Buyers for Evergreen Revenue Growth

Company Policy Askew

Four of us placed orders at a restaurant and the server said she’d bring rolls and hush puppies. She returned with 3 plates, 3 rolls and 3 hush puppies. When we asked, she said they only come with orders for main courses. One of us ordered two small plates, which doesn’t count, although her bill would be the same as the others.

Does your company have similar policies that put internal minutiae ahead of customer satisfaction? Take a close look and make changes.

Keep Your Customers Close By

Think of your business like a neighborhood. A cozy one, where everyone is friendly. And they all know you.

That’s how you bring buyers in and keep them. Visit them–don’t wait for them to visit you. Give them small gifts. Say ‘hello’ often, even if you’re passing by.

Make it clear that the neighborhood wouldn’t be the same without them. And they will feel the same about your company, again and again.

Time for Good News?

I’m often asked to help owners overcome a deficit or problem that is holding their company back. Once we do our work, they see great results. They tend to like talking about their success.

What if you are enjoying success in some areas? Do you circulate your good news, or do you just think that’s business as usual and don’t bother?

I recommend that companies broadcast their good news often. It’s especially valuable to let people inside the company know the good news. And your customers will feel validated that they’ve chosen your company.

The time for good news is now. What are you waiting for?

20% or More: This Repeatable Tactic Increases Revenue

Did you know that 90% of buyers across all industries would make additional purchases from a company if the company asked them to? Most companies obviously don’t know this because they don’t ask. One hallmark of true growth is identifying repeatable practices that then become built in to the company’s behavior. They are habits and … Continue reading 20% or More: This Repeatable Tactic Increases Revenue