Strategies to Increase Sales

Strategies to Increase Sales
Strategies to Increase Sales

“We spent a ton of money—and time and energy—on social media and digital content strategies. We got followers and likes but not much new revenue.

“Then we worked with Trivers Consulting Group using their 70/30 approach to nurturing enduring customer attachment. To be honest, I didn’t have a clue what that meant but we trusted that Susan could help us. Within three months we had actual revenue increases.”

– K.B., Founder BXK CPA LLC

What’s the secret to getting off the
hamster wheel of business development?

It’s simple—stop running!

Stop running after new leads and prospects. Instead invest heavily in the buyers you currently have. Your current clients and customers are 70% more likely to buy again than any new prospect; and according to many studies, a new client or customer costs 70% more in marketing, sales, customer service and other expenses than an additional purchase from a current buyer.

The 70/30 Approach

Effective business development requires using resources. We advise allocating 70% of your BD resources to current buyers. You’ll deploy the remaining 30% to attract new leads.

Time: Add up all the time spent by every single person who represents the company anywhere. Use 70% of this time to cultivate current buyers, provide fantastic customer service and develop new offerings. There are only 40-50 hours in a week. Spending too much of that time chasing hew leads reduces the time available to prompt new purchases by current buyers and improve and innovate the business.

Energy: Your people have a limited supply of energy. Use the bulk of it to nurture enduring customer attachment. Writing, texting, calling, meeting in person are all uses of your energy that pay off in repeat purchases, high lifetime customer value and referrals.

Money: There’s a dollar cost to every use of time and energy. That networking event, conference or trade show, the Chamber and leads groups, your digital marketing and your CRM. They all cost dollars. We analyze every dollar spent and allocate them to cultivating your current buyers and creating a huge Evergreen clientele.

A $50 lunch with a great client is money well spent, compared to $50 spent on networking events with strangers.

How to Work with Trivers Consulting Group to Increase Sales

We offer three levels of engagement. You choose the outcome or goal and how much work you want to do compared to how much you’d like us to do. Fees are based on your company’s most recent annual revenue.

Light Touch Medium Touch Deep Dive

Your desired outcomes?

Duration 1-30 days

Client/TCG responsibilities: 80%/20%

Your desired outcomes?

Duration 31-60 days

Client/TCG responsibilities 65%/35%

Your desired outcomes?

Duration 61-90 days

Client/TCG responsibilities 50%/50%


Three Steps: It’s So Easy

  1. Email me to set up a complimentary call. We’ll explore the fit between your company and ours.
  2. If we agree that we like the fit, we’ll discuss the options at three levels.
  3. We’ll discuss the fee and the duration. We’ll sign the agreement, you’ll remit the fee, and we’ll get started!

Questions? The best way to get your questions answered is to schedule your Complimentary Call. There’s no obligation—why not get answers to your questions? Email or call 703-801-0345.