Strategies to Increase Revenue When You Have Seasonal Demand

seasonal demand

What do tax preparers and landscape services have in common? They both experience high demand within a specific and limited season each year.

If your company suffers from seasonal highs and lows, we have recommendations for increasing revenue in your “off-season” no matter when it occurs.

Value not related to a season: What can you offer that your buyers will want at different times of the year? Think horizontally and vertically: what can we offer that comes before or after the main service? To get started, think of the customer journey: what does our customer do or think about before they call us and what do they think about or do after we’re done? Where can we add value in these periods?

How could we create annual options that include the seasonal ones they already buy? Instead of making the seasonal purchase the main, stand-alone event, offer value year-round and include the seasonal value in that package.

What elements of the season can you leverage? If your work is affected by weather, can you leverage the weather for more revenue? Landscapers often do this with snow plowing or other winter-related services. An auto services company we worked with had ‘snowstorm specials’ inviting people to leave their cars before the storm. CPAs offer advising or consulting in November-December in advance of the tax season.

The Opportunities are Vast
We’ve worked with companies who never had imagined reducing the pain of slow seasons. The answers are within your business. Give us a call to see how we can help make seasonal fluctuations work for you, not against you. 703-801-0345.

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