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Solving Business Problems

solving business problemsWhat’s a day or a month like in the life of your company?

  • Taking care of customers
  • Engaging employees and increasing the value of their work
  • Studying your financials and planning for growth
  • Solving problems that pop up or have been lingering on the back burner

No matter how stellar companies are at planning, problems are always in the mix.

We’ve spent 20+ years helping privately owned low mid-market and small companies solve their problems. The sooner a problem is solved, the sooner the company is able to meet its goals.

Take 3 minutes to read this client story about how we solved a problem that was lingering for years.

The Problem

Mike’s automotive services business suffered a significant drop in revenue every winter. From December – March, revenue was about 65% of capacity. Mike never laid anyone off, and there wasn’t any way to reduce capacity and fixed costs, so the winter revenue drought also depressed profit.

Mike explained that even his best customers tended to put car maintenance off during the months when there was the possibility of bad weather. The average number of routine service visits per year was 3. We brainstormed for ideas that would increase that average to 4 and bring people in during the winter.

The  Solution

We decided on a three-prong solution:

1) A more skilled service writer: We hired a front desk person with great interpersonal skills and vehicle maintenance expertise. Customers took to him immediately.

2) Outbooking: We invited everyone to book their next maintenance appointment at the time they paid for the current one. This included booking during the winter months. We assured them we’d send reminders and that rescheduling was always posible. 80% kept their outbooked appointments.

3) Storm related specials: We offered a “Storm Special” each time more than 4” of snow was forecast. If a customer brought their car in before the storm, it would be serviced during the storm and be ready for pick up after the roads were clear. In the first winter, there were 7 Storm Specials and all service slots were filled.

The Results

The three solutions brought utilization up to 85% from December to March. In addition, the new service writer changed all customers experiences in positive ways and changed Mike’s life. He had much more time to travel to see his grandchildren, one of the goals he had put on hold while he was experiencing the low winter revenue. Except for the additional compensation for the higher-skilled service writer, there were no additional cost to gain new revenue.

Bring Us Your Problem

We think of problems as issues benefitting from immediate to short term solutions. Ask us to work with you to design a solution. Among the types of problems we solve are:

  • How to diversify offerings to increase profit
  • How to stop hunting for new buyers and increase revenue from current buyers
  • How to connect your employees’ work with higher revenue and profit
  • How to increase revenue in seasonal businesses
  • How make more profit from every sale
  • And…whatever is holding your company back

Your Investment

Each Solve a Problem solution we design will generate a signficant return on your investment. Our fee is related to the complexity of the problem and the extent of the solution and ranges in the low-mid 4 figures. We only quote a fee following a complimentary Discovery call.

What problem should you start solving today? Give us a call to book your Discovery call. 703-801-0345.