Respect and Appreciation Builds Healthy Client Relationships

build healthy client relationships
How would you feel if you learned that a company considers you “low hanging fruit”? Not respected or appreciated, I would guess. You’d look for another company that wants to build healthy client relationships, not treat you as easy pickings.

I’m appalled when I hear business owners, marketing leaders and consultants use this phrase. Not only it is disrespectful of the people who are (or would) pay money to your company, it infects the whole company with an air of disdain.

Strategy team: “Well we’ll start with the low hanging fruit. They don’t need much to make the buying decision, so let’s not go overboard with them. Focus on full price, payment up front and don’t promise them anything extra.”

Marketing team: “Hey, let’s whip this marketing material out quickly. It’s directed towards our low hanging fruit, so it doesn’t need to be fancy.”

Delivery team: “These people are no-fuss customers, so we can get it to them when we have time. They won’t complain.”

Customer Service team: “Yeah, we’ll take care of it as soon as possible. When? Hmm, in a few days.”

And so what should be a steady, repeat buyer feels disrespected and poorly treated. The next day or week or month, a competitor comes along and whispers sweet nothings in their ear. And guess what? They leave you for greener pastures–or at least respect and appreciation.

Banish “low hanging fruit” from your vocabulary and your attitude. If it lingers it will leak out in tiny ways that you won’t realize until your previous customers are completely gone.

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