To Drive Revenue, You Need to Get Out of the Driveway

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Risk Taking

To Drive Revenue, You Need to Get Out of the Driveway

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Don’t be surprised to find another company bringing your best revenue generating idea to market if…You love to “think it over”

“It” could be:

  • A new offering
  • A new marketing plan
  • Implementing value-based fees
  • Investing in support from an outside expert
  • Entering a new market
  • Implementing a ‘cultivate-and-nurture’ effort with your current buyers
  • Something else that is off your beaten path
  • Investing money and applying Singular Focus to the effort.

There’s a certain measure of risk in every new effort. As always, you only get a return related to the level of risk you take.

To put this in perspective, ask yourself what would have happened if the founders of Uber or Airbnb were afraid to invest money and apply relentless focus on their disruptive ideas? They’d be:

  • Toiling away in obscurity in some other work
  • Watching others take the ideas and run with them
  • Watching the money they ‘didn’t spend’ get frittered away on zero-return expenditures

What kind of life do you want?

Working each day to market your long time commodities, fighting to squeeze a tiny profit from the same buyers and admiring others who’ve taken risks and are enjoying their returns?


Bounding into the office every day bubbling over with tremendous new ideas and the energy to implement them, seeing your revenue and profits grow and being admired as a risk-taking innovator?

I’m reading an autobiography of Richard Branson. In his early years, he had no money and wasn’t good at math or organizational development. He had a terrific imagination and even more willingness to go where his ideas lead him. Today he is admired world-wide.

You absolutely have the choice. “Thinking it over” never makes anyone successful. Taking action today makes risk-takers successful in many ways.