“I Never Would Have Thought of That!” Yes You Would Have, If Only…

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Maximize Top Line Revenue

“I Never Would Have Thought of That!” Yes You Would Have, If Only…

Every week a client exclaims to me “Susan, I never would have thought of that!” I believe that they would think of many more ideas IF ONLY…
  • They were not immersed in the pressing needs of the current day
  • They were able to toss the baggage of past false starts and poor results
  • They had a crystal clear picture of the box they’re in, so they could actually think outside it
  • They stopped feeling that the rug will be pulled out from under them if they take time each day to turn their attention to growth**
  • They saw their real strengths, rather than hoping their customers and clients will validate them
  • They created their own best practices rather than copying what everyone else deems best
  • They invested intensively in a few Exceptional offerings instead of many commodities***
  • They never, ever tried to attract new buyers or repeat business with discounts
  • They used all their capacity each and every month, rather than accepting that there will be some underutilization because “that’s the way our industry is.”*

Working with owners and executives every day, I see smart, hardworking people slow their revenue down because they are immersed or overcome by one or more of these typical situations. When they cast these obstacles aside, they’re free to face the open road and accelerate their revenue growth.

Recent success stories to inspire you:

*Increasing use of their professional services by booking the next appointment at the end of the current one and calling with a reminder a couple of days before. This company is enjoying a 37% increase in revenue because clients have 4 appointments rather than 3 in a year.

**A CEO doubled the revenue objective we set for our work together so that he would be forced to maximize every single system, person and offering in one year instead of two. The company is on track for a 200% increase in revenue in one year.

***A consultant focused for one month on creating new high-value, Exceptional, offerings based on her close knowledge of her current clients from relationships of 3-10 years. She called each client over a couple of weeks, had many meals or coffees and helped them see, one-on-one and personally, how these new offerings will provide great ROI to them. She has already increased her revenue 40%.