Avoid These Magnets of Mediocrity

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Maximize Top Line Revenue

Avoid These Magnets of Mediocrity

There’s a lot of magnetism in a cheering crowd, whether at a sports stadium, a concert venue or for your home team or alma mater. Yet subsuming your own identity and thinking to crowd mentalities and passions at work is a recipe for mediocrity.

Avoid these magnets of mediocrity and you will increase your performance and value:

1) Best practices: You should always provide your services and products at the highest level your clients and customers require. So marketing yourself as offering “best practices” generates a yawn from clients and prospects. Best practices are not a differentiator and can change in a heartbeat, providing no value.

Clients and customers want outcomes and they don’t care about your practices, best or otherwise. Instead of claiming you offer best practices, describe the outcomes your clients and customers enjoy from doing business with you. My clients enjoy higher revenues from our collaboration to discover opportunities hidden in plain sight.

2) Industry associations: In my experience, industry associations survive by selling the means to belong to the club of insiders. Join associations for camaraderie and networking if you need it, but never depend on them to help you break out of mediocrity. And be skeptical of insiders who try to sell services to other insiders.

It is outsiders or those who think for themselves who make the biggest impression and create fresh opportunities to exploit. Boldness is an individual quality. Commit yourself to it and you’ll be able to generate new growth and maximize opportunities.

3) Training and certifications: These provide standardized and uniform knowledge of processes and methodology. They may work at times but when you’re immersed in them, you’ll find it very difficult to innovate and create outside of the accepted parameters. The most common response to creative ideas is “But we don’t do that here.”

Learn from experts in other industries

What tenets of financial management can you apply to technology and vice versa? What lessons from winners and losers in sports franchises can you apply to your business, whatever it is? How can you use what you know for another purpose, and how can that purpose generate new growth and higher value? A recent client incorporated techniques used by celebrity speakers and by sports teams into their product demonstrations and closed $40 million worth of new business.

When your goals for the coming weeks, months or years include higher revenue and lower costs avoid the magnets of mediocrity and gravitate to resources outside of your inner circle and your industry. That’s where you’ll find the inspiration and innovation that accelerate your growth.