3 Essential Elements for Sales Growth

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3 Essential Elements for Sales Growth

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All the sophisticated content and social media marketing in the world will leave people uninterested and unmoved (i.e., not buying) unless you have the following three elements in perfect alignment:

1) The right prospects. Your company cannot be all things to all people no matter how much you may believe that. Invest—yes, spend money–to identify the ‘perfect fit’ buyer. And invest further in cultivating and nurturing that perfect fit buyer. Remember to look closely at your current and recent buyers for those that are a perfect fit. You’ll likely have some good fit and some poor fit, but you think “hey, they bought something” so you keep them on the list. Prune carefully. It’s a waste to market to those who aren’t likely to be with your company long term.

2) The right offerings. Your company has a sweet spot, one or a small number of things it does extremely well. Ask “where are we Number One in terms of our position in the minds of our buyers?” Not in terms of the whole industry, in terms of your perfect fit buyers. Then improve and innovate your current offerings to increase their value. Add new offerings in the same vein. The right offerings are the ones your buyers want to buy. They are not what is trending now, or any shiny objects!

3) The right story. Write and tell stories with your clients and customers as the hero. “Mr. X or Ms. Y faced a crisis and some really serious obstacles. He or she figured out how to overcome the obstacles and among the choices was to bring our company in to provide our product/service Z.”

The story concludes with the point that within days, weeks or months, the hero overcame the obstacles and was enjoying great success.

Listeners relate to the customer or client and want to be the hero in their company.

What are you going to do to improve these three essential elements of sales growth for your company?