Strengthen Your Strengths One Week at a Time

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Strengthen Your Strengths One Week at a Time

I’ve been coaching people at every level to get better at their best qualities instead of thinking that they’re damaged and have to fix themselves. Self-help mania is all about scrutinizing your weaknesses and facing your flaws and then investing emotional and financial resources to fix them. This is completely depressing and wastes your time, money and energy for no good outcome.

Most successful people are admired for being superb, extraordinary and outstanding. Everyone aspires to be like them. Do you think these folks have no weaknesses? They’re human beings, after all. But you don’t care about those; instead you are enamored of their strengths.

You should think like these people think: “I’ll be so amazing where I’m already great that that’s what everyone will pay attention to.”

Make a list of your top 3 strengths: what do others admire about you? These may be personality qualities, types of work or your knowledge. Pick one for this week and make a short list of how you will make that strength even stronger: read something new, practice speaking about it to others, share it with someone else, bring in new business or apply your creativity to generate a new product or service.

Each week, focus on one strength. When you’ve completed the first list of three, write a new list and strengthen them one week at time. In three months you’ll be a more amazingly awesome person.

Simply get stronger at what you’re already good at one week at a time.

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When you strengthen your strengths, you crowd out your weaknesses.
Susan G. Trivers