Need a catalyst for Growth? Try Honesty!

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Maximize Owner Wealth

Need a catalyst for Growth? Try Honesty!


What do you think when a customer service rep lies to you? What else do you think when you write a letter to the Owner describing the series of conversations and lies… and the owner does not respond to the letter, even though you are one of their members?

The plumbing company owner came to my house to assess the problem encountered by his plumber. While in my house, within my hearing, he called the supplier. He confirmed that they had the part and that they would ship overnight. He promised to call me as soon as it came in.

Ten days passed without a call, so I called the company. The customer service rep (CSR) told me the part “just came in.” I let it go and scheduled an appointment for installation. Then she called back to change the date. I agreed, with the stipulation that the work be completed by noon on the new day. She said she would make sure the plumber came close to 8:00 AM.

The day came but the plumber did not. At 8:40 I called to check. The same CSR said he had to “stop for a part” and would be here soon. At 10:30 I called again. A different CSR told me she didn’t even see a plumber on their schedule for that day! She rescheduled for the following day. The plumber came and completed the installation in under 90 minutes.

Owner Doesn’t Care

I wrote  a letter to the Owner. And ten days later I have not heard a word back.

Do I wonder why the CSR feels free to lie? No, not at all. Does the Owner tell the CSRs to lie? I don’t know. But since he doesn’t respond immediately to legitimate complaints, I think he doesn’t care. That provides fertile ground for lying.

What Do You Do?

What behavior do you make possible, either overtly or by your actions? Your employees, associates, partners or other colleagues watch your behavior and will copy it.

Demonstrate your commitment to honesty and reliable service by your own actions and your customer service reps and everyone else will demonstrate it too.

Need a catalyst for revenue growth? Try honesty!