Driving Exceptional Revenue Growth is a Contact Sport

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Maximize Best Buyer Revenue

Driving Exceptional Revenue Growth is a Contact Sport

Can you imagine where the most successful companies would be if their original owners and subsequent leaders had not made contact with the best potential buyers? Name any individual business success of the past two decades and you’ll find plenty of evidence that he or she repeatedly invested in personal, face-to-face conversations with other successful people who would appreciate their inventiveness, their innovations and their vision.

You must do the same with your $5-20 million company if you want to grow by 15-20% percent or more per a year. Why? Because you will drive revenue up significantly when you find out directly from your best buyers what it is they value and will pay more for.

Consider these two CPAs. They are the named owners of their firms. They each face seasonal fluctuations in revenue because the bulk of their revenue is derived from tax returns and related work early in the year. They know they need to create exceptional offerings that will generate significant revenue in the remaining 8 months.

I was discussing consulting as an option that would drive new revenue. CPA #1 doesn’t know what his clients would value other than tax and audit work. I suggested that he invite his top 20 long-time clients to an event to get to know them better. His response was “You mean, I would have to call them myself?”

CPA #2 could hardly contain himself when I suggested a client event. He scribbled names on a note pad and began looking at his calendar. Before I could say a word, he began thinking out loud about how he would call these clients directly to invite them personally. He understands that driving exceptional revenue is a contact sport.

You must be in regular, warm and committed conversation with your best buyers and they in turn will appreciate and pay for the value you offer them.

Mass marketing, social media and even the most rigorous commitment to asking for referrals will not generate revenue increases they way close personal relationships built with your best buyers will.

Driving exceptional revenue growth is a contact sport.