Resolution or Resolve for 2019?

Resolve:Make 2019 the Year You Want It to Be

My inspiring friend, Mark LeBlanc, talked about his mindset as he completed his third Camino de Santiago, the 500 mile pilgrimage walk in Spain. He said there was one word that helped him walk 1 million steps. That word? Resolve. Put one foot in front of the other, again and again.

What does resolve have to do with the New Year?

As we transition to the new year we feel its weight. Will we be successful and happy? We will be able to handle the challenges and adversities that are sure to come? We can barely see what will happen tomorrow, much less month after month for the next twelve months. There’s joy and there’s trepidation.

I think we make New Year’s resolutions as a way of dealing with the uncertainty. We think “If I just make a resolution about some good behavior or outcome I can exert some control over the uncontrollable.” Thus we make resolutions about personal behavior such as weight, exercise, eating, love, caring and others. We make resolutions about business goals such as higher levels of revenue, profit, employee engagement and more. As we know from personal experience, these resolutions are often forgotten within the month.

This New Year I decided to change my thinking from making resolutions to filling myself with resolve.

That means I will take one step and then another to move towards my various goals. One step, one after the other, to get towards the goal of new and more revenue. One step, one after the other, to engage an employee. One step, one in front of the other, to create new products or services my clients will love. One step after another, I will make it happen.

The most burning question for business owners is not “what” we will do, but “how will we get it done?”

As you contemplate your VISION 2019, commit to being the embodiment of resolve. Commit to taking one step after the other, again and again. One step at a time, make it happen.

Resolve is what you do every day on your way to reaching your resolution.

Best wishes for a happy celebration of the incoming year and for being filled with resolve every day in 2019.


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