Powerful Marketing Requires 4 Distinct Message Types

You know your company has to do marketing. The eternal puzzle about marketing is “What exactly is it?” The practical and applicable definition for low-mid tier and small companies is that marketing is a set of activities that brings attention to your company.

Once you have this definition in place, you must determine the set of activities that is right for your company. One element is choice of media, such as print/digital, video, audio, still photography. Another is the channel. Popular channels include written letters and cards, posting on social media, podcasts, websites, YouTube, books and eBooks, and speaking.

The most important element is the content of your marketing. I have worked with hundreds of companies to ensure they use a combination of the 4 distinct types of marketing content. Together they increase the power of your marketing to generate attention that results in new revenue.

4 Types of Marketing Content

1. Appreciation. Express your thanks to your buyers, after each purchase or project, and at regular intervals throughout the year. Buyers love hearing that you appreciate their business. Please note: once a year at Thanksgiving or New Year is not enough and really doesn’t make much of an impact.

2. “Why Stay?” “Why stay?” content reminds your customers and clients about the value they enjoy from their purchases from your company. Make sure your message isn’t a list of features. It has to be the outcomes to the buyer that they enjoy as a result of your features. Send “Why Stay?” messages alternately with appreciation messages.

3. Top of Mind. Top of Mind marketing is the opportunity for you to give value to people who already know and like your company. You can share articles, checklists, tips, research and other content that remind people of your company. This content should be relevant in some way to your revenue streams, but you’re not trying to make a sale. You’re putting your company name in front of them on a regular basis. Weekly or monthly newsletters are a great way to stay top of mind.

4. Create Demand. It often comes as a surprise to companies to find out that just because a buyer bought once, doesn’t mean they’ll buy again without prompting; and that a buyer who bought once knows all the other value they could get from you. You have to tell them, and you do it with create demand marketing.

Cultivate and Nurture Plan

When working with companies to grow profitable revenue, we write a detailed Cultivate and Nurture plan. It is a 12-month plan that identifies which marketing type will be sent, when, and to whom. We start with a simple table (download it here) which can be expanded as needed.

The value of a written Cultivate and Nurture Plan is that you see at a glance your whole array. You can assign people to create the content, and others to deliver it. You can prepare to respond to incoming calls and requests from buyers.

Take time this week to create your Cultivate and Nurture Plan that incorporates the 4 types of marketing content. Choose your delivery method or channel. Your buyers will be delighted to hear from you.

Trivers Consulting Group is an content-generating company. If you need ideas for each of these messages, give us a call. And if you want a robust and powerful Cultivate and Nurture plan, we’d be happy to help. 703-801-0345.

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