Trivers Consulting Group helps private companies make more money.

Are you wondering what this means? We recognize that compared to services such as legal advice regarding a contract or providing a design for a home or remodel, our work is harder to understand.

We’d like to help you get clear on what we do and how we do it.

To effectively pinpoint the right way to help your company make more money, we explore the current status of the three critical functions of every business: Strategy, Operations and Finance and the various elements within each function.

You will know exactly what we’re going work on with you to help you make more money.

To help you decide how to work with us, we’ve created 3 levels of service: Light Touch, Medium Touch and Deep Dive.

Light Touch Medium Touch Deep Dive

Your desired outcomes?

Duration 1-30 days

Client/TCG responsibilities: 80%/20%

Your desired outcomes?

Duration 31-60 days

Client/TCG responsibilities 65%/35%

Your desired outcomes?

Duration 61-90 days

Client/TCG responsibilities 50%/50%

The right level for your company depends on the owner’s or Chief executive’s answers to these questions:

What percentage (%) of your work week do you spend on:

  • Delivering value to buyers (direct revenue generation) _____
  • Business development (all methods)                              _____
  • Strategic planning and supporting your direct reports    _____

Your total should equal 100%.

If you’re heavy into direct revenue generation, you would benefit from our Deep Dive Option.

If you’re heavy into business development our Medium Touch would offer great value.

If you’re heavy into strategic planing and supporting direct reports, you could choose either Medium Touch or Light Touch.

All client work begins with a discovery call. We don’t have a menu of off the shelf packages.
Email or call to schedule your discovery call this week. 703-801-0345