Uncertainty. It’s the universal feeling produced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sticking to the way you’ve always done things isn’t an option. Finding the path forward is a daily challenge.

Business owners and executives who step thoughtfully through the Growth Methodology reduce their uncertainty and improve their outlook. Most importantly, they avoid the gaps that scuttle their other efforts

revenue and profit growth

“We were drowning in sales minutiae when you showed us the criticality of having strategy, brand, focus, prospects and marketing in place first. Sales shot up once we had a strong handle on the other elements.” Founder, CPA Firm

Adopt the Growth Methodology and you’ll reduce uncertainty:

  • Create clarity in each area
  • Reduce both gaps and redundancies
  • Initiate more growth

You’re fine…. why would you bother with or need a consultant?

Or maybe you’re not fine and you think you can figure it out yourself because you’ve done that before.

Would it be totally crazy to have a 30-45-minute conversation about things you might not have thought of before? We don’t think it’s crazy. We listen and we hear. We often give a tip or suggestion that changes your viewpoint. We only take the next step if we both agree.

Susan Trivers’s gift is to see the tactics that are exactly right for your company’s strategy. She’s especially valuable to IP-based services companies and those that include IP-based services as part of their value. She is an expert on business strategy and the tactics demanded by that strategy.

You don’t need an advisor. You do need Susan Trivers.

“I never would have thought of that.”

“I was too close to it and you immediately saw what I couldn’t see.”

“We were struggling with the concept of strategy. We had a detailed conversation with you about mission/vision, goals, strategy, and tactics. The clarity has helped us find the right clients, offer them the services we do best, and hit our profit goals.”

Trivers Consulting Group helps private companies make more money.

You wonder “Hmm, are you a sales trainer?”

Very definitely not. Making more money requires so much more than sales. So no, we are not sales trainers. In fact, sales is the 6th of the 7 elements needed for success. Read through our page to discover why.

We’d like to help you get clear on what we do and how we do it.

We take our client companies through our comprehensive Growth Methodology. You can look at this in two ways.

The first look is at our table of Growth Elements.

Notice that when one of the elements is missing you fall short of Success.

revenue and profit growth

The second view is through our Functional Area lens. You see how the 7 elements are incorporated into the 3 Functional Areas: Strategy, Operations and Financial. High functioning Strategy, Operations and Financial increases company value.

“I spent 90 minutes with Susan learning how to nail our strategy: who we sell to, what we sell to them, and how much profit we earn. That produced our best quarter ever, and we continue to enjoy outstanding results.”

If any of the elements are missing, the Functional area will be deficient. Company value will not grow.

From Foundation to the Penthouse

We help CEOs and Owners/Founders/Partners build their way from their foundation to the pinnacle of success: wealth and value of the business. Where is your company right now? Where would you like to go and how quickly? We offer different ways to work with you.

“We were in business for about 18 months when we started working with Susan Trivers. She helped us write a clear strategy (for the first time!). Then we wrote our strategic statements which helped us use our limited resources effectively. We met our third-year goal and now we’re at what Susan calls the First Level. We love seeing our vision become a tangible success.”

3 Promises: For every client, no exceptions

  1. Unlimited calls/texts/emails during normal hours. Never an extra charge. No meter running!
  2. Clear goal, specific scope. Benchmarks for you to see your progress.
  3. What’s important to you. We tailor our work for your needs. We don’t force you to conform to us.

Before you sign a contract and remit a payment, you will know exactly what we’re going work on with you to help you make more money.

How we get started: The first call is a listening and diagnostic call, similar to calls with fee-paying clients. You’ll tell Susan how you got to your current situation and the issues or problems you’re facing.  Susan will offer some basic recommendations. We will decide together if we want to continue choosing the right service for your needs.

Keys to Client Success

Our Consulting works in three ways:

  1. We illuminate issues you may not be aware of or that you can’t address yourself
  2. We work with you create plan of action.
  3. We support your implementation.

Susan Trivers is a visionary and an actor. Visions without plans and implementation are a waste of time and money. If you execute the plan, you will get the results.

“We thought we had a clear target market and couldn’t understand why we were struggling to make sales. We did a Think Tank session with Susan, and quickly realized how weak our target market idea was. She helped us go narrow and deep (you can’t be all things to all people.) From there we redesigned our services, our marketing, and our customer service. The business took off!”

“We’d worked with a brand consultant before and were still having people ask us “what do you do?” Susan showed us that we needed a super clear Strategy and Strategic Statements, which is what really help improve our brand identity. Then the other parts became much easier.”

What’s Your Growth and Opportunity Curve?

Trivers Consulting Group, after 21 years, is solidly into the Second Level. Susan’s focus is on comprehensive business growth. Strategy and strategic statements are clear and in writing. The TCG brand is strong (We help companies make more money). We continually improve our focus, which enables us to invest heavily in existing customers and clients. Sales are strong, we are the grateful recipients of referrals and introductions from high achieving clients.

One of our early inventions was the Growth and Opportunity Curve. We call it the GO CURVE. We often help companies plot their own GO CURVE graph. It helps companies truly see what they offer to whom. And when used as a modeling tool, it helps companies improve their focus, their marketing, and their sales. Here is Trivers Consulting Group’s current GO CURVE.

how we help business owners

What would your GO CURVE look like? Where can you add, subtract, or move your products and services?

We Will Help Your Company Make More Money

We’re continually improving, refining, and creating our products and services. What you get today is Susan’s latest and most successful thinking, planning and implementation.

When you want to increase certain in uncertain times, get over the humps you’re stuck at, or go where you have not gone before—when you want vision and action—you will call Susan Trivers. 703-801-0345