Summer and Fall 2022

Knowledge based services services firms have more opportunities than ever because:

by their very nature–knowledge–they have unlimited options to deliver life changing IMPACT to their clients.

We’re ready for you whether you need:

  • Pricing consulting
  • Retaining clients by supporting them through the steps to their success
  • Describing life changing IMPACTs delivered to clients

As we have been for 23 years, we are as focused as always on helping firms generate profitable revenue from their knowledge and expertise.

We deliver life changing IMPACT to our clients: retiring outdated old habits, putting indecision in the rear-view mirror, and meeting your revenue and profit goals.

We deliver IMPACTs via a variety of approaches described below:

Whatever You Need When You Need It Think Tank

LADR: Leverage Assets to Deliver Results

Profit Optimization Roadmap  

Whatever You Need When You Need It Think Tank

When it’s important and urgent, who are you going to call?

Susan Trivers, your Think Tank advisor, of course!

We’have gratitude for the business coaches,  masterminds and peer groups, and business education communities we’ve been part of.

But there was one huge gap–access! We had to work on their pre-defined, fixed schedule.

Now we’ve taken the biggest, most client friendly, next step.

Whatever You Need When You Need It Think Tank.

You can enjoy unlimited access to Susan’s knowledge and expertise at any time for any reason.

  • Stand alone engagement.
  • Three months: start when you want, have unlimited access for the following 91 days.
  • Ask any question on any topic.
  • Reach Susan by text or email.

The fine print: payment is due in full upon booking. Fee ranges from $1750 to $2750, depending on the revenue of your company; client is repsonsible for initiating requests for advice or answers, and for follow up; no breaks in service and no refunds.

LADR Leverage Assets to Deliver Results

profit tool

LADR: Leverage Assets to Deliver Results is an analysis tool.

If you don’t know where you are, how can you possibly chart a route to your destination?

We ask our clients to describe how each of these assets exists in their company. Are they written down? Are they clear? What is missing? What are the strengths and the gaps?

Company owners see that as they firm up their assets they create a ladder that builds towards success as they define it.

The LADR analysis requires about a half day.

The conclusions and recommendations for closing the gaps is produced shortly afterwards.

Next Step Options

Once you have your LADR analysis, you can take one of three next steps:

We work closely with you: a full-service advisory engagement where we work with all relevant associates and staff to build the ladder.

We support relevant staff and associates to implement the recommendations.

Do It Yourself: We help you analyze progress at pre-set milestones.

Would it make sense to have a 30 minute STARTER Call about things you might not have thought of before? We think it makes sense. We listen and we hear. We often give a tip or suggestion that changes your viewpoint. We only take the next step if we both agree.

Susan Trivers’s gift is to see the tactics that are exactly right for your company’s strategy. She’s especially valuable to IP-based services companies and those that include IP-based services as part of their value. She is an expert on business strategy and the tactics demanded by that strategy.

You don’t need an advisor. You do need Susan Trivers.

Trivers Consulting Group helps private companies make more money.

You wonder “Hmm, are you a sales trainer?”

Very definitely not. Making more money requires so much more than sales. So no, we are not sales trainers.

We’d like to help you get clear on what we do and how we do it.


How to Use the Roadmap

Below are the steps we take when working with clients. These steps are aligned with the days in the circles in the graphic above.

Step 1 (days 1-20). Collect the following data and information:

  1. Collect the information per the LADR
  2. Also assemble your exit plan, customer experience practices, employee documentation, pricing model and tax planning guidance.

Step 2 (Day 21-29)

Analyze the data and information, and identify strengths, gaps, and untapped opportunities.

Step 3 (Day 30)

Produce 60-day plan:

Identify resources needed including: people, money, time, work schedule, benchmarks and progress reports.

Set goals per week, month and for the 60th day.

Days 61-360

We work with the firm’s leaders through the rest of the year with subsequent data collection and analysis followed by planning and benchmarking for longer periods.

Keys to Client Success

We deliver life changing IMPACT. You:

  1. See previously unrecongized issues so that you can address them
  2. Create plan of action.
  3. Implement. The best ideas do not end up on the shelf someplace.

Susan Trivers is a visionary and an actor. Visions without plans and implementation are a waste of time and money. If you execute the plan, you will get the results.

“We thought we had a clear target market and couldn’t understand why we were struggling to make sales. We did a Think Tank session with Susan, and quickly realized how weak our target market idea was. She helped us go narrow and deep (you can’t be all things to all people.) From there we redesigned our services, our marketing, and our customer service. The business took off!” Helen, videographer

“We’d worked with a brand consultant before and people were still asking us “what do you do?” Susan showed us that we needed a super clear Strategy and Strategic Statements. They really improved our brand identity. Then the other parts became much easier.” Leslie, Organizational Development expert

“What does success look like to you?”

However you define success, Susan helps you achieve it. We use frameworks and tools that organize our work and provide for measuring, but we believe that no  methodology or process constructed in a vaccum is applicable for every firm.

We offer three levels of support:

Discovery and Analysis

We get to understand your company’s recent performance by looking at one year of reports. These include sales reports, customer lists, and marketing and sales efforts. The more details you provide, the better we will understand your company.

The IMPACT of this discovery is the analysis we provide to you. We analyze how the various elements fit together, the strengths and weaknesses, and the gaps.


We make specific recommendations for the coming 3, 6 and 12 months. We’ll lay out a progression of activities with goals and benchmarks. We’ll help you identify the individuals in your firm who are best suited to support these activities.

The IMPACT of the Recommendations is confidence that you have a working plan to achieve your goals.


We will support your firm with implementation of your plans. The extent of support ranges from as-needed phone calls to on-site implementation by relevant experts.

The IMPACT is that your company is invigorated and forward looking.  You’ll have confidence that every one of the recommendations will be implemented.


Whichever your preference, you receive our promise to respond quickly, put all our knowledge and expertise to work for you, and to help you stay the course when day-to-day activities, and unexpected challenges, threaten your progress towards the goals.

We are here for YOU!