On the Drawing Board

On the Drawing Board
On the Drawing

On the Drawing Board gives you a first look at ideas we’re developing, workshops we’re getting ready for clients, and topics we’re excited about taking to market in the coming weeks or months.

Take a look at what’s on the Drawing Board today and check back often for new ideas in the works.

Two new Workshops available Fall and Winter 2019-2020

Stop Hunting, Start Gathering
Keep Clients and Customers Close All Year Long with the 4-Marketing-Message-Mix™ system

  • Are you exhausted by the daily hunt for new leads?
  • Is your quest for clicks, views, and opens draining your cash?
  • Do you worry about prospects disappearing?

Get relief and make more money with a consistent and personalized client retention marketing system.

Your company will generate sales and profits without the worry and the cost of difficult content marketing, social media posts and filling-the-sales-funnel techniques.

With the 4-Marketing-Message-Mix™ System you will:

  • Build stronger relationships with your clients and customers
  • Increase every customer’s lifetime value
  • Receive a steady stream of referrals

Why does the 4-Marketing-Message-Mix™ System work?

  • It focuses 70% of your marketing efforts on current clients and customers
  • It builds on the hardest—the first—buying decision your clients and customers have already made
  • It firmly positions you at the top of your buyers’ minds
  • Truly engaged buyers make powerful recommedations to their friends and colleagues

Stop Hunting, Start Gatheringis designed for Boardroom Conversations (Owners and their teams) or for 75-minute sessions for membership organizations.

Think Inside the Box™
Mining the Gold to Increase Your Company Value

We’ve all been here:

  • Too few leads
  • Inconsistent or stagnant revenue
  • Preponderance of low-priced sales

We have worried about:

  • Where new leads will come from
  • Converting leads into real prospects
  • Making a profit, not just a sale

And we would all like to:

  • Generate more cash than we need
  • Increase the company’s bottom line
  • Receive a steady stream of referrals from our clients and customers

In order to:

  • Invest for the future
  • Build our personal financial security
  • Increase company value

If you recognize any of these frustrations and fears, and have these desires and dreams, join Susan Trivers for Think Inside the Box™.Business growth is like mining: you find a rich vein and you go deep to extract it.

Your current clients and customers, your current products and services and your current employees combine to form a rich vein of gold within your company. That gold is just waiting for you to mine it.

Why is Think Inside the Box so valuable?

There are 3 reasons:

Clients and customers already know you. They’ve made their first purchase, which is the biggest hurdle for every company. Now they’re extremely receptive to your communications: thanking them, reminding them why they like your company; and asking them what else they’d find worthy of purchase.

Mining your customer relationship management systemis low cost. It’s a solid repository of information, and it supports your ongoing revenue growth efforts.

The risk that new products and services will fail is reduced to nearly zero. Because you spend time finding out what else your clients and customers would like to buy from you, your investment in new ones is sure to create a solid return.

Think Inside the Box is exceptionally powerful for owners, business development teams, marketing and sales teams and customer services teams. We’ll deliver it on-site or via a Zoom webinar.