On the Drawing Board

On the Drawing Board
On the Drawing

Your first look at our newest book!

We’re posting each chapter of our forthcoming book Crack the Pricing Code: Implement Value Based Pricing and Generate Fortunes as it is completed.

The introductory chapter includes the life-changing story of how Value Based Pricing impacted the business and the life of a CPA. You’ll learn how the ethical conflict of hourly billing is untenable.  Crack the Pricing Code – The Catalyst The Alternative The Switch is the story of  what Value based Pricing means  for every professional and business services company.

Crack the Pricing Code – Chapter 1 Bottom Line Up Front responds to the bevy of objections to Value Based Pricing. Why objections right up front? Because if you can’t lay your objections to rest, you won’t be able to adopt Value Based pricing and generate your own fortune.

Crack the Pricing Code – Chapter 2 The Bold and Confident Case for Value Based Pricing is the in-depth support professional and business services firms need to speak boldly and with confidence to their clients and customers about the benefits of Value Based Pricing.

Of course, without benefits to the professional or businesses services firm, Value Based Pricing will never gain a foothold. Crack the Pricing Code – Chapter 3 Enterprise Value Creation Not Value Protection describes 12 powerful benefits to the firm of Value Based Pricing.

In Crack the Pricing Code – Chapter 4 Step One COMMIT you’ll take the first step in the 5-step process for phasing in Value Based Pricing.  I ask you to consider “What Does Success Look like?” We go deep into Ethics, the foundation of Value Based Pricing.

Crack the Pricing Code – Chapter 5 PREPARE guides you to create your fee-to-value ratios. Our ingenious methodology gives you and your clients confidence that your Value Based Pricing reflects fees commensurate with value delivered.