More Demand Creates More Competition-Are You Optimized?

money matters
How does your company balance on the two-edged sword of lots of demand (great!) and lots of competition (not so great)? Companies that provide professional, scientific, and technical services have lots of company, as these three sectors include 4,207,592 firms with 100 or fewer employees!

It’s not enough for your company to have great skill, knowledge and talent. You have to produce excellent results and your company needs to be more attractive than competitors. That’s why Money Matters.

Money Matters takes owners deep to increase their share of the demand and blow away the competition. We give owners and chief executives the best advice in the 5 critical Money Matters: cash flow, profits, growth, taxes, and costs.

Money Matters will help YOU make the best choices that will fulfill your goals:

  • Money you can use to grow revenue and profits.
  • Money you can use to make running your business easier and more efficient.
  • Money you can use to develop new products and services of higher value for your best buyers.
  • Money that will increase the value of your company and your personal wealth.

Your company can make more money if you choose that road.

Read that again: you have to choose to make more money.

Is it possible, you wonder, for owners and executives to not choose to make more money? Yes, sadly that is true because they insist+ resist: insist on doing what they’ve always done and resist any outside perspectives and advice.

You’re best positioned to attract buyers and overwhelm your competition when you choose to be on top of your cash flow, profits, growth, taxes and costs.

Are You Ready for Money Matters?

We serve companies whose primary, most valuable asset is their Intellectual Property. They have built out their IP into extensive and high value intellectual capital.

Their current situation includes one or more of the following:

  • Revenue is stagnant or stuck.
  • They’re running out of hours to sell. People’s schedules are maxed out.
  • They’re hearing, or fearful of hearing, objections to higher hourly rates.
  • They have a lot of churn of clients.
  • Competition is increasing.
  • Cash flow is uneven and irregular.
  • Owner/chief executive is directly responsible for generating revenue (i.e. billable hours)

When you’re ready to make more money, Trivers Consulting Group will help you do so. Learn more at Money Matters. It’s your one stop for the best advice about cash flow, profits, growth, taxes, and costs. You can choose to focus on one area or a combination. You can choose to go accelerate your progress with customized services from Trivers Consulting Group.

Request a complimentary discovery call to get started making more money. 703-801-0345.

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