Marketing? Do We Have to?

retention marketing

I’m hearing lots of frustrations and complaints about marketing. Maybe you’re feeling these too?

  • I don’t really understand the process and don’t feel I have time to learn
  • I have no experience
  • I’m too busy servicing the clients we already have
  • I doubt I can do it well
  • I’m worried about the hassle and expense
  • I had a bad experience
  • I worry about the cost
  • I’m worried that people will think we’re pushy

A Trivers Consulting Group Bullseye Marketing Pack will sweep away your doubts. You already know everything you need to know: your existing customers and clients and your products and services. We’ll take care of the rest–with transparency, and for a very favorable cost.

Transparency starts here

Each Bullseye Marketing Pack campaign includes a series of marketing messages. Here are some examples that we’ve written and designed for client companies. We will write and design similar ones for your company to deliver the message you want to deliver.

transform your clients

Before and After

We’ve used before and after images to help buyers see the benefits of many different services including legal, accounting/taxes, teaching/education, housecleaning, landscaping, fashion, personal or executive coaching.

How do you transform your clients?

tips how we help

A Teaching Message

A financial advisor created a series of 4 TIPS messages that we sent out monthly. This is the one we did on financial security.
Top 3 TIPS to Achieve Financial Security
1. Track your money carefully
2. Avoid debt wherever possible
3. Making saving a daily habit
Sharing tips is a sticky way of staying top of mind.


how we help business owners

Did You Know?
It’s your job to inform your buyers of everything you offer. The GO CURVE is a great way to do that at a glance.

We’ve recently plotted Trivers Consulting Group’s various offerings along the GO CURVE to help our clients visualize the full range of value we have to offer. We can create a GO CURVE for your company.

Bullseye Marketing Packs

Which Bullseye Marketing Pack Will You Choose?
There are three options: Bullseye Pack, Inner Ring Pack and Outer Ring Pack. Prices range from $1017.50 to $552. Learn more here. If you’re ready you can purchase online and we’ll get started within 2 days. If you prefer to talk first, send an email or text me at 703-801-0345.

Bullseye Marketing is the fuel for your sales fire. You must attract before you can retain and sustain. Your existing customers and clients want to hear from you. Don’t let them down.

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