Market Everything You Offer to All Clients

Do you tell your clients about everything you have to offer? Do it early and often? As a normal, comfortable part of your marketing? Whether or not they’ve expressed a new need or desire?

Here’s what you happens when you don’t.

The Principal of a professional services firm told me he had a wonderful relationship with a client. He recently placed 5 specialists on a project for this company. There was one more service needed and this Principal thought he could meet that need with another of his specialists. He suggested the client meet this person. The client told him they’d already decided to bring in another specialist they knew. The Principal was completely surprised by the client’s action. “I didn’t know they already knew someone,” he told me.

And there’s the rub. This Principal never told his client, from day one and through several weeks of work, that he had a expert for this one additional need. Everyone knew, at the outset, they would eventually need this person. By the time he spoke up, the client had made other arrangements.

Don’t Be a Best Kept Secret

I have worked with many firms that provide professional services. These include CPAs, marketing practitioners, training and education providers, designers and creatives, lawyers, consultants and others who get paid for their intellectual property. In almost every instance, when the owners and Principals of these companies tell their clients, at the outset, about the whole range of services and outcomes they can provide, the clients ask for additional services.

Remember, your clients do not know all about your company, no matter how much marketing and promotion you do. They’re focused on their immediate needs and aren’t spending their time studying up about your company for possible future needs. Its your job—your biggest job, in fact—to let people know about all the various ways you can work with them. Do it early and do it often.

It’s not bragging or being obnoxious

It’s helping your valued clients get more opportunities to work with your company, one they know, trust and like. It’s saving them the time, hassle and risk of having to find another provider. And, yes, it helps your company grow more easily. Isn’t that why you’re in business in the first place?

How can you market to your current clients?

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